Alexander Steele

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Wake to a new

I sat up gasping looking around and I saw Octavia passed out as well. I could hear the party still going so I knew we hadn't been out long. I stood up and I felt something brush me I looked up and I see these big ass wings attached to my body. What the fuck?! What the hell is going on? What the fuck am I? Why was Octavia passed out as well?

"She is our mate, her energy pushed us to our full inheritance. It means she is going to be your everything all that pain you been feeling is cause she's been coming to us. Your body was preparing it self for her arrival. I know it's confusing and I'll explain but first we have to take care of her so that means I have to take care of us first." Baylor explained to me slowly almost like he was trying not to freak me out "that's exactly what I'm trying not to do"

I close my eyes and tried my hardest not to freak out cause I knew if I freaked out and Octavia awoke she would freak out.

"Concentrate on pulling your wings in. It's going to be weird at first and your going to feel heavy but that feeling will go away but you'll get used to it." Baylor says to me

I closed my eyes and focused on pulling my wings inside my body. Inside my body!? Wtf!!

"Hey do not freak out concentrate" Baylor said sternly.

I took at deep breath and once again tried to focus. I breathed in, out, in, and out. I focused on pulling the wings in when all of sudden I no longer felt them on my arms but my body felt heavy. I rolled my neck and walked out the bathroom to check on Octavia who was still out. I sat next to her waiting for her to wake.

It didn't take long , five minutes later she sits up gasping her eyes flash an electric blue before going back to normal.

" what happened? " she asked immediately

" I'm not entirely sure we both passed out." I told her standing up pulling my shirt off for a new one because the other one was ruined by my wings. WINGS!!! Haha.

She stood up and came up to me grabbing my hand. That tingling feeling I felt when ever she was around changed to a full blown electric spark between us.

"Do you feel that?" She asked me looking fascinated at our hands intertwined together and I nodded my head. " it's cause we're mates." She said almost like she was confused and didn't mean it just going off instinct. I stared at her in shock that she even knew the word.

" ya we are. But I want you know I liked you before this happened... what ever this is." I told her I want her to know that she had me before all of this. She was pure perfection in my eyes. I think my sight got enhanced cause she seemed to glow even in the dark with very little moonlight. I have to tell her about this.

"Not yet young one she is going though her on change not as painful as yours thank gods but it will be uncomfortable for both of you." Baylor's voice appeared again.

I hugged her close and open the door pulling her back into the party.

I walked to the kitchen to get us some water and something to eat pulling her to my treehouse in the back from when I was younger.

My dad built this when I was about ten and I through a fit about my going back in the house just for simple things like food and water.

" so why are we here?" Octavia asked me sitting on the bean bag. I smiled and sat next to her.

" we got to talk, babygirl there are things going on and I'm not sure what but I have tell you what is going on right now." I had to look away from her big blue eyes trying to find the words to explain what the hell happened to us without freaking her out.

" well I don't want to talk." She said standing up and sitting in my lap. " how about you tell me tomorrow and tonight we just make out." She started running her hands through my hair. I smiled and nodded

I guess it can wait then.

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