Alexander Steele

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Learning the past

You know how something happens and you cant really process what the fuck just happened and your not even sure it's real but you know it happened. Like seeing big ass wings attached to you or hearing a voice in your head.

" well it happened young one. It's time you learned of your history." Baylor said to me.

"My history?"

" your name is Alexander Zachary James and your a prince-"

"I'm a what?!" I say loudly

"Let me finish and I'll answer all your questions at the end. Like I was saying your a prince. Your father Zachary was the king and your mother aurora was the queen. Now they didn't want to give you up but we have already died ten times being reborn ever ten years. I don't plan on making it eleven. The first time we died we were fully grown and we had already meet our mate lily which was her name at the time and lily was to be married to a man named Xavier Wright. He was a cruel, manipulative and very dangerous. We had meet lily when she was 17 summers in still young but we knew right then that she was ours." Baylor paused seemed to take a deep breath " now young one you must understand Xavier was much much older then lily but he had her family so far in debt that they had no choice and at the time, it was okay. We didn't know that lily was already betrothed and lily didn't know either so when we meet it was everything for us. As soon as we could we took her to the castle and introduced her to the parents and we married within the week. For a few months everything was good and we were happy lily was happy. Xavier was pissed and he decide to come after her. Some how Xavier found us as we were going though the transformation and he raped lily before slicing her up from her stomach to her throat. See lily was our strongest but weakest link because her transformation takes longer then yours. He knew that and waited till she was alone. Once lily was gone we could feel it and we died as well. For some odd reason tho you kept being reborn along with Lily and I'm not sure why we've been reborn 205 times and each time it's either cause the host is to weak or Xavier's hunter family finds us." Baylor stops and then say " you can ask your questions now"

" wait so is my name really Alexander?"


"And I'm a supernatural being"

" your more of an angel but yes"

" and I've been reborn along with Octavia 206 times?"


"But I keep dying"

"Yep sounds about right although Sometimes we don't even get the chance to meet Octavia sometimes we die before we meet" Baylor said calmly back to me

"Why did my real parents give me up this time?" I asked him " and does octavia get wings?"

"The last time we died we lived to be 35 we were with Lizzy and I knew we were going to die again Xavier's pain in the ass family was on our tail again. I don't know why we were given up but it was different and it definitely changed something because octavia has wings. Everyone of Lily's reincarnation didn't have powers but she does now. I think it will be the key to us not dying this time around." Baylor explained " I'm not sure why we keep being bought back to life Alex but I'm hoping to figure it out because I would like to be able to live our lives with our beautiful mate."

"What about the tattoos tho? My mom is going to freak." I asked walking to the closet grabbing some clothes I knew that I need to see octavia ASAP.

I went down stairs to see zoey eating pancakes and she looked shocked to see me her mouth was wide open you could see her half chew food. I chuckle and kiss her cheek grabbing a granola bar from the cabinet.

"So.... how was you big kid party that I couldn't go to?" Zoey asked me swallowing her food. I chuckled.

Zoey is one of the best things in my life second only to octavia but that's only cause now I know octavia is my mate. Which makes her mine and that feels me with so pride to love someone like her. I started smiling real hard at that realization that I just fell in love that quick and that fast.

"It was amazing ,zoey. I think I found the love of my life but you have to keep it a secret okay?" I told her grinning at her cause I know she loves secrets and she's pretty good at keeping them.

She nodded excitedly grinning at me " I pinky promise!!"

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