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"You want me?" Caleb panted "Well come and get me." The chase continued down the corridor of the hotel. Just as I was turning the corner his hand grabbed mine and yanked me into a room. "Do you trust me?" He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. "Not at all" I chuckled.

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Casey, Caleb and changing clothes

Caleb Mathews, what about him was so good that every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be him? Seriously, the boys in this school have belittled themselves to level of stupidity Caleb Mathews shows. Ughh. Even the other so called 'nerds' had a thing for him including my best friend Casey. She has been my best friend since grade school because she just walked up to me and said "I'm Casey Lou and I want to be friends with you. Whats your name?" I replied "Venessa Walton." I know simple right but we've been friends ever since and now we're seniors.

Casey isn't as smart as me, but she's close so I'll need to up my game. Even though she doesn't sound as smart me she definitely looks nerdier then me. She's got the whole 'I'm a hipster, look at me with my plaid pants.' Her hair is always in a neat black bob that matches her pale complexion quite nicely. I know surprising write. I felt really terrible when we hung out over summer because she had stayed at mine and I, may have, only slightly, stepped on her glasses and broken them. Oops. And I just can't tell her that the shirts she wears don't fit her chest area yet. I think that's more of a mother daughter conversation.

Me and Casey were always good friends, but we ummm.. developed at a different time. For her it just hasn't come yet. Me however came over he summer just passed and I couldn't even tell it was me. Since getting a good looking body I've been wanting to experiment with my outfits. My hair was a golden honey colour that fell just below my shoulder blades. The shinieness of my hair would cause me to squint when I looked in the mirror. Today was the first day of senior year and I couldn't wait.

Today, I decided to mix up my style so, I climbed into my closet and went searching. School didn't start for two hours and Casey said she'll be here soon so I better hurry. At last I found a tight little cropped top that showed lots of my stomach but I didn't care. I was very fit and I had a tiny waist. I also found I black leather jacket and black jeans that belonged to my older sister Lara. I paired the outfit with a pair of white Doc. Martens and loosely curled hair.

I wanted to try goth out because, lately I just didn't feel much except angry and who was angrier then punks hey? I waited in my room studying Shakespearean literature for what felt like forever until I heard a car horn. "Later mum" I yelled into the house so wherever she might be passed out drunk or hungover, she would here me. I ran to the passenger seat of Casey's car when she glared at me through the window. "Wow, you look hot girl" she cat called me so I did a little twirl and reached for the handle. Click. She locked the door.

"Hey, come on we're going to be late" I complained. "If you're gonna look like a badass the act like a badass, climb through the window." She taunted so I did as she said. I climbed through the window effortlessly like they do when they get in race cars. I tried not to scratch her new Mercedes her parents had gotten her but left a teeny weeny one that she couldn't see. I looked over at her with a huge smile on my gace and she reciprocated that smile. "Holy shit, you got you're braces off" I half yelled-half talked. She nodded happily before taking off toward bridgenorth high. The temple of tools, the den of the douchebags where stupidity really shines.

Hey I'd like to know how the stories going. I'd love feedback on where to go next.
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