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As we pulled into the parking lot, everybody stared at the flashy black car. It was brand new, like, yesterday brand new. I suppose everybody expected the one of the jocks I guess because when we got out there was a lot of whispers. Side by side we marched inside.

"Well, everyone thinks you're rich now, so expect some passes at you." I taunted playfully "What do you mean?" Casey asked slightly confused. "Everyones staring at us because we got out of your car." I replied not knowing if the question was a joke. She just scoffed and walked towards our lockers that were side by side.

"What?" I asked with a playful tone before nudging her slightly. "You honestly don't know?" She questioned and I answered with a nod then a smack. "Tell me" I pleaded. She was surprised to see that I didn't understand. "They're looking at you Vanessa, you're hot now, it'll be a surprise if everyone notices that it's actually you." I say nothing to that answer feeling taken aback. Did I really look that different. I felt the need to see if it was true. I was walking along side Casey, trying to check myself out in the passing windows when, thud, I felt a pain throughout my body, and especially in my back from where I had landed on the floor.

I looked up at Casey who had stopped when she heard the thud but then looked up at her. Casey's eyes were fixated on something so I followed her haze and saw what I had run into...Caleb Mathews.

Omg, I was so embarrassed, I quickly got on my hands and knees picking up my books frantically. Casey wasn't any help she just stood there gawking at Caleb like a cheerleader would when he played. Yes, the dreaded jock. I was looking for my Advanced science book when he slowly kneeled down in front of me and held out the book.

"Now what's a girl as pretty as you on their hands and knees, in a corridor I mean." He said with a sly grin on his face. Maybe he really didn't relaise who I was. "Ummm... thanks. Why would you help me of all people?" I asked questioning this theory. "Because I heard it was chivalrous to help out beautiful people." He replied more genuine than cheeky. "You must be new, my advice, hang with us. What's your name?" He asked but before I could answer he diverted his gaze from me and to Casey.

"Hey lou lou, where's your friend, you know, smarter than you always around, not that good looking?" He asked using her nickname that she hated. Was he talking about me? "Who are you talking about?" She questioned him knowing exactly who. "You know, Vanessa Walton. Where is she?" I giggled a little until I realised he said I wasn't that good looking. "Why?" asked Casey also flashing a cheeky grin. "I can't fail this year, it will make me lose my scholarship. I need a tutor and thought she would do it, so?" He answered getting annoyed at with us for not answering him. " Well.." she started "you are picking up her books, so you should know." I broke in laughter on the ground watching him look me over in dis-belief. "You shouldn't play around with me. But you do look.... different" He said sternly.

"Well, we can't all be winners Caleb but I honestly thought people would recognise me." I replied feeling like he was a little to close. "So you're funny now. Come on, you're the smartest person at this school, you should know that going from a 2 to a 10 over the holidays would make people not recognise you. This should make it interesting. So will you tutor me?" He asked with that cheeky but somehow very handsome smile. "What do you mean I'm funny?" I asked slightly taken aback at him calling me a 10. The best looking, most popular quy at the school. I had never really noticed him like that before. "You not being a winner I mean, you look great" he said and chuckled when I started to blush. "I'll think about it, I don't usually teach people like you." I replied feeling confident in my new skin. "People like me? Do you know who you're talking to there beautiful?" He grinned. Beautiful? Pet names now. "Oh I do... I just don't care." I smiled back. He just smiled at walked away saying "What the fuck, what else has changed?" Aahh. Great day and its not even first period. Ringg. Well actually it is now.

By the way peoples, I am Australian so my words might be spelled different.
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