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School sucks

Caleb's POV

"Ughh, I don't want to go. Tomorrow, I'll go tomorrow. I promise." I pleaded to my mother. "No, you will go today and you will address me properly young man." She snarled at me and my only response was "yes ma'am, I will head off now. I don't want to be late. Love you." And with that I proceeded out the door. I understand where she's coming from. It's not like we can't afford tuition but mother just wants the money for herself so she said I have to get a scholarship. She had suggested that I get a tutor and asked me if I knew anyone but only one name came to mind that would be able to teach me. Vanessa Walton. We weren't friends but we didn't hate each other either. I made it my mission to ask her today. But she didn't really standout in a crowd so I would try to find her. Luckily her friend Casey's average looking and is kinda obsessed with me like most girls.

I thought if I had to ask someone for help it would be embarrassing, especially having to ask someone like the nerds so I decided to get dressed up for the day so I looked confident. I got dressed into some dark blue jeans with small rips just below my knees. I put on a tight white top and my blue letterman jacket. The blue really matched my midnight black hair that was just the right amount of messy and neat. I decided to wear my Jordan 1's because the soles weren't that tall because being 6'3 did go well with high shoes. But I was ready. I gazed into my pale green eyes that had been slightly absent since my father died.

I reckon I could find her through Casey. I got to school on my jet black motorbike and when I got there, I saw a new mercedes in the lot and thought it was an awesome car. As usual, when I stepped off my bike the girls flocked over to me and started yelling my name trying to get my attention but as when I was about to be trampled my best friend Elliott jumped in front of me. "Sorry ladies, my friend can't talk today. Try to make an appointment and then we'll talk." He said turning around and giving me a sly wink before continuing. " unfortunately the waiting list is already booked for eight months, so don't bother until then." He declared as a joke but as soon as he had finished, all the girls whipped out their phones and started to put the date for eight months time in their calenders.

I swear, every girl was there. Well except for two. The two I needed to find. Elliot grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the entrance. Elliot was just shorter then me 6'0 maybe and he was less built then me but we have the same brain. We think the same and are the same football team so we gradually became closer and here we are. I looked down at his tanned hand and then back up at his messy brown surfer hair. He was attractive like me but the girls went for me not him. But they would like him better if they got to know him.

"You're a 10 dude, we both are, but all those girls, then best looking one in the school is probably.." Elliot started "An 8!" he exclaimed as we reached our lockers. I just laughed and opened my locker and looked in my little mirror, and that's when I saw her. A 10. I had never seen someone as beautiful as her. Her goth look really made me interested. She was smiling and walking next to the person I had Been looking for. "Casey" I yelled but she couldn't hear me so I made my way over to her. Just as I was about to say something the beautiful girl ran into me. Casey just stood there gawking at me, it was a little weird but I was used to it by now. To be honest I didn't really like to be looked at a lot because it made my anxiety peak and lately I wasn't controlling myself properly so Elliot helped a lot.

The pretty girl got on her hands and knees and started looking for her books and suddenly I felt very guilty. I looked over a few metres and saw an advanced science book. I quickly rushed over to it and back to her and knelt down to her eye level and gazed directly into her mesmerizing blue eyes and I couldn't seem to take my eyes away from here as she just stared into mine.
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