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School sucks p.t. 2

Caleb's POV cont.

This feeling was new, I couldn't tell what it was but I kinda liked it. "Now what's a girls as pretty as you on her hands and knees, in a corridor I mean." I commented and she just looked at me. She looked confused "thanks... but why help someone like me?" I was shocked at the fact that she didn't see what I saw in her. "Because I heard it was chivalrous to help out pretty girls." She just blushed and the beautiful colour she turned made me chuckle. It was so cute, she had me grinning ear to ear. Just as she glanced away I looked to Casey " Hey lou lou, where's your friend you know, smarter then you, not that good looking." Casey just looked at the girl and they were both giggling. "Who are you talking about?" She asked. The girls had both stopped laughing. And the girl looked like a bus hit her. "Vanessa Walton" and the girl looked down into her lap. She was still on the floor. "Why?" Casey asked and I thought I heard a hint of jealousy in her voice. "Because I can't fail this year, I'll lose the scholarship so I need a tutor." Casey just looks at the girl and said "Well you're picking up her books right now so you should know."

I just looked at them feeling slightly embarrassed at calling her not good looking. Vanessa broke put in laughter and the sound she made was so adorable I just wanted to melt. It was light but hearty and too cute. "Well you shouldn't play with me, but you do look...different." I said not trying to expose my thoughts. That was my first rule. "Well Caleb, we can't all be winners. I honestly thought people would recognize me" She replied. WTF. Oh no. "So you're funny now anyway, this should be interesting. Will you tutor me?" I asked her still dazed about something. "What do you mean I'm funny." She asked. What??? She really meant it. here goes rule one. "You not being a winner I mean, you look great. You went from a 2 to a 10 over the holidays and you thought people would recognize you?" And she began to blush again. She looked at me and helped her up. "I'll think about it, I don't usually teach people like you." She said with a new flash of confidence in her eyes. I liked the new her, it showed me that she was a trifecta, smart, funny and beautiful.

"People like me? Do you know who you're talking to there beautiful?" I asked slightly shocked at the statement. Wait, did I just give her a pet name? I don't do that. Whats wrong with me? "Oh I do... I just don't care." She smirked. I know exactly what's wrong with me. Two words. Vanessa Walton. I couldn't look at her anymore. If I did I don't know what would happen. She went from being a nerd to being hot. I don't like to use the word hot a lot because I feel it objectifies women but she just looks so good. I walked away down the corridor shocked. "What the fuck, what else has changed?" I repeated and made my way back to Elliot. "Wow, is that a little something called a crush I see in your eyes?" questioned Elliot. "So who's the new girl?" He asked "she's hot" I just turned to him. Do I really have a crush on her? "That my friend is Vanessa Walton." I replied. "What, the need? Damn if things don't work out, I'm gonna swing in." I just looked at him "Don't talk about her like that." I told him sternly. That was weird, I don't know what's wrong with me.

Hello. I just wanted to say, before anyone else does, the way Vanessa and Caleb tell the story if the same chapter might be slightly different because sometimes things can appear a different waya and especially these situations.

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