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Notes and numbers

Vanessa's POV

I feel weird... And sore. I felt really awkward in that conversation but, when he helped me up it felt unlike anything I've ever felt. "Do I see I a bit of a crush in those pretty eyes or am I mistaken?" Interrogated Casey. "I.. umm.. I don't know. I've never had a crush. What does it feel like?" I questioned Casey, she just stared at me as if she was looking for something to say. "Well" she hesitated. "You sort of just know." She explained. That must be it. I hate to admit it but I, Vanessa Walton has a crush on Caleb Mathews. I knew the world was going to end in 2020.

I couldn't walk very fast because of my back pain so I was going to be late for class. Luckily I had Casey with me so she rushed ahead and told the teacher I was going to be late. My first class of the year and I was late. Great. Is wasn't my fault but it would be okay. I had advanced science and I knew that I could ace this class blindfolded. As I got to class I looked around and found my spot saved by Casey right next to her. She was a great friend. As I reached for my science book a piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and un-folded carefully. Trying to be quiet so the teacher wouldn't catch me. I was in Miss Higgins' class and she was notorious for reading notes out in class.

Hey beautiful, tutor me?

He wrote me a note. That's so sweet. Why do I feel like this. I can't be distracted by boys this year. But maybe... no... maybe I could make time? Underneath was his number. No, I can't tutor him right now, so I just didn't text him. Maybe some other time. Not today.

The first few periods went passed and soon it was time for lunch. I walked into the cafeteria, not remembering what I was wearing. Every one of the boys just gaped at me. I thought they were looking at Whitney who was queen bee at this school. She ran into the show. Head cheerleader, head of prom committee and she who owned Caleb Mathews. Honestly she thought that she could just walk up to him and he'd just fall head over heels. Everyone of the boys that I walked passed just scooted over in their chairs as if to make room for someone. I was smart but that doesn't mean I wasn't oblivious.

I thought that they were all looking at Whitney who followed close behind me, so I just made my way over to the 'nerd' table. Most of the nerds that has always sat with us were seniors last year so it as just me and Casey. I saw Whitney sit with the 'it' clique but still the eyes continued to move.
Were they... looking at me?

I looked over to Casey who had her food on her tray waiting for me. "Vanessa, over here!" She yelled. All of a sudden an auditable gasp was heard from the bystanders. They didn't recognize me. Wow. That felt nice I suppose. Not long after I sat down I heard the doors open loudly. The finesse of the doors being slammed and the indistinct chatter told me that just then the jocks walked in. I felt all of the eyes advert from me except one pair. His. Caleb marched over to me confidently, passing whitney and igniring her failed seduction. He sat directly across from me. I looked up with a strand of spaghetti hanging out of my mouth. I nearly choked. I had no choice but to slurp it up. He just chuckled lightly and the rest of the team came and sat with us.

Caleb directly in front of me, Casey to my left and then Elliot sat right next to Casey. If they were any closer they would be on top of eachother. The table was quite big and even though the whole football team was there, there was still enough room so why was Elliot that close, I don't know. Caleb looked directly in my eyes that's when I noticed his beautiful, pale green eyes. "Tutor me." He said in a sweet tone that made my heart backflip. The whole cafeteria was silent "I cant today I'm sorry, I-" he cut me off "What about tomorrow?" He asked with cute puppy dog eyes. Just as I was about to answer I heard she-devil speak.

"I'll tutor you" stated Whitney. She was a bitch, she was always mean to me, even from primary school. I'm not sure why she hated me but boy can that girl hold a grudge. This new confidence I had, I liked it. "Sorry Whitney to burst your bubble or should I say ego, but you actually have to be smart to tutor someone." I quipped with attitude so everyone could hear. All that were sat in the room gasped or awwed at my remark. "Well you actually have to be pretty to talk to jocks." She snickered the through her teeth. Clearly agitated at what I said. "Yeah Whitney, thats why they're sitting with you and not me right.. oh wait" I again replied earning more gasps from the audience.

"Just because you put some make-up on doesn't make you pretty." She said
"Still, you can't seem to get that through your thick head. And just because you can add up 2+2 doesn't make you smart." I snarled feeling sort of hurt by the pretty comment. "Yeah well, when a 4 year old adds 2+2 it makes them smart." She answered still getting gasps from others. "Whitney, honey, that's because you have the mental age of a 4 year old" knowing that would shut her up. She just looked at me and huffed. Everyone clapped and Caleb looked back at me. "Tutor me."

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