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Tutor me

What was wrong with this boy. He just wouldn't take no for an answer. "Why don't you get Whitney to tutor you? Don't people get the prettiest girls in school to tutor them?" I asked Caleb. "Yeah well, she keeps saying no, but I won't stop until she says yes. So if you see Vanessa Walton tell her I said that ok" he responded. Just as he finished talking I looked over to Casey who was snuggled with Elliot and they were exchanging numbers. "Woah, what's going on here? Caleb asked as if he could read my mind. "We're going on a date" they replied at the same time. "What? Us girls aren't exactly your type are we?" I asked Elliot. He just looked at me and then back at her. "Actually, adorable, smart and funny is exactly my type." He answered. She just blushed and looked down quickly. "Hey we're going to dinner tonight, how about it you two join us. It doesn't have to be a double date" Casey said and then looked at Elliot who just looked at her. I swear she just read his mind. "Or it could be." Elliot added with a wink. The boys sat with is all lunch and then the bell rang.

"So are you guys coming?" They asked and me and caleb just looked at each other. "Yeah, why not. It's not the only new thing I've tried today." I said "What do you mean new" Caleb asked. "I've never been on a date before. It will be cool to go on one even if it's not mine." I just replied. "Where are we going anyway?" I added. "The new 5 star restaurant downtown. Pa refeur. My treat" replied Casey and I didn't feel bad taking a meal from her. Their family was loaded. She actually knew I couldn't afford it because my mum spent all of our money on alcohol. We agreed on 7 tonight and went to walk away. "Wait" Caleb jolted "tutor me." I just laughed and walked away with Casey to finish the day.

When the end of day bell rang we walked toward her car and we already had a plan. She was going to drop me and off, go back to hers, get ready come to mine and we would get picked up by the boys from there. When I got home, mum was asleep on the floor and no just left her there. It was her fault anyway. I wrote a note saying I was going out and for her not to wait up. As soon as I was done, I ran upstairs to go find my best dinner dress. I looked through my closet for half an hour until I finally found one. A black cocktail dress that had small shiny sequins on the chest area. It was a low cut dress, so it showed off plenty of new found cleavage but not enough to make me look slutty. It was a floor length dress with a slit up to the mid thigh range and I looked beautiful. I decided to where some black strappy wedges because I was only 5'3 and Caleb was like, a whole foot taller then me.

I heard Casey's car pull up and rushed down to open the door. I opened the door to see he rt in a pretty purple midi dress that wasn't revealing at all. "Oh my gosh , you got went and got contacts" I sobbed because she looked so beautiful. "Elliot's gonna fall in love with you and you're gonna have little perfect babies and you're gonna have- " she cut me off. "Woah girl it's one date. And why are you worried? You look stunning. I have never seen this side of you before. I like that we're changing" she said. She came upstairs to m yg room to help me do my hair in a boho kind of style. It was perfect I didn't put on any make-up because we decided that if he was gonna like me that, he'd like the natural me.

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