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Caleb's POV

I hadn't been so nervous for a date ever. It felt strange. Even when Vanessa was more of a nerd, she still didn't look half bad. I'm sure that the other nerds would've made a pass at her but she's just so innocent that she wouldn't have noticed.

I know it sounds like I have something against the nerds but I really don't. I have always admired them but our friends didn't really mesh with them until this year. Now all of the seniors were gone, the ones that were left were actually really cool. Even if the only ones left were Venessa and Casey. I mean me and my best friend, the two most popular people in the school, we're going on a date with them. Shit. Was this a date? I hadn't asked her. What if she didn't think of it as a date. Do I dress up? Of course I do, we are going to a 5 star restaurant. Even if she doesn't think of it that way I can pass it off as a suit for the dinner. Wait, do I want it to be a date? I don't know. This girls going to be the death of me I tell you.

"Hey Elliot, what are you wearing? Are you wearing a suit?" I asked through my window. Our houses were right next door and our windows faced each other. "Yeah, of course I am. It's a date at a fancy restaurant. What about you?" He replied. My brain raking for answer. "Wait, you like her don't you? I Was just joking before, about you liking her. That's great!" He said with a cocky smile. Thinking of how to reply felt like I was taking forever. "Well, yeah I kind of like her, I think, but if I wear a suit and it's not a date, I can just pass it off as the resturaunt." I replied with a nervous tone and a shy smile. He just nodded and went about what ever he was doing.

I peered into my closet and looked to my suit section. I thought about what colour I should wear and I decided to go with black because that goes with any colour dress that she might wear. We both wrote notes to our parents and met each other outside. "Woah dude, you look great. I love that your hair is messy by neat in a weird way. And your shoes are blinding me too." He said in a goofy tone. "I, of course, look great. No need to tell me." He stated before getting in the car. He was right, he did look great. His surfer hair was long, brown and ratty but made him look better than if his hair was straight. It wasn't exactly ratty but very curly and his navy blue suit complimented his tan skin and blue dress shoes.

We made our way to Venessa's house using the directions that Casey gave us and after about 10 minutes of silence in the car and me fidgeting Elliot spoke up. "Dude, don't worry it'll be fine. Trust me." I appreciated the reassurance, but why did I need reassurance. I think it's because I know Vanessa isn't one to judge me on my looks or popularity. She doesn't fall down at my feet like other girls like Whitney, which made me all the more attracted to her.

We pulled up to the house and out walked two of the smartest girls I had ever met. First walked out Casey. In her little purple dress and I saw Elliot's jaw drop. He was really surprised. Casey saw his gesture and she looked down and averted his haze, going a light shade of pink. She held her arm out and waited for Vanessa join her. That's when I saw her, the goddess like girl walked out away in a long black dress that showed a lot of leg. Her legs seemed to go for miles and her face was beautiful. The little smile she flashed me made me nervous.

I got walked up to the house and grabbed both of the girls arms like a gentleman and lead them to the car. Elliot was already on the other side of the car opening the door for them both. The girls both got in and Elliot just winked at me and waited for my reaction. I just flipped him my middle finger. He just smiled and got in. Casey had sat in the front seat with Elliot so I sat in the back with Vanessa. God, she was stunning. Why do I feel like this? Why?
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