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Is this a date?

Vanessa's POV

I took one look at Caleb and felt nervous all of a sudden. He was so handsome, he wouldn't like someone like me. He's probably just using me. I hope he isn't. We got in the car and made our way to the restaurant. I could feel Caleb's gaze burning into the side of my head. His eyes were raking over me, as if he was looking for something. I turned to him with a sweet smile and teased "What's up with you Mathews? Did you lose something?" He just blinked and replied "No one I still haven't got her. So, will you tutor me?" Omg he wouldn't leave it alone.

"What will I get in return?" I asked playfully

"You get to hang with us and our chef will cook you dinner every night your at mine." He said

"Okay, fine." I sighed "I'll start tomorrow."

He just pumped his fist in the air and cheered. He kept repeating that he was going to pass this year. We got to the restaurant and upon arrival the valet took Elliot's car we made are our way inside and I quickly looked over everyone. They were all so happy and the room was dimly lit, very romantic. I still wasn't sure if it was a date or not yet so I didn't want to make assumptions.

We walked together as a small group to the hostess and Casey said "Hi lisa, we'll have our booth now thanks." And the girl just looked up. "Oh hey Casey, it's right over there. We'll take your order soon." I was suprised that they knew each other other but didn't ask them how they knew each other, frankly I was just fixated on the hunk holding my arm.

We walked to the booth and took our assumed positions. Casey and Elliot were sat to one side of the booth, all cosy and warm, and then there was me. About half a foot away from Caleb because I didn't want to overstep boundaries. I kind of just sat there with my arms by my side's, fiddling with my clutch bag. "Oh hello there Casey, what can we get you this fine evening and might I add this looks like a great double date." The waiter said with a cheeky grin and a thick italian accent. I looked toward Caleb to look for an answer to find him looking back at me doing the same thing.

"Umm... actually this isn't a double date, we're just third and forth wheeling." I told the waiter. The man looked over me and then looked towards Caleb and started to grin. He then proceeded to give me a sly wink, almost knowing what I was feeling. I smiled shyly and he turned back to Casey. "We'll have the secret menu items please." She was whispered and the waiter nodded slightly and slinked away from the booth through the bustling room.

"What's the secret menu items?" Elliot asked quietly. "You'll have to wait and see." She replied with a seductive wink that made Elliot squirm a little. I think she just turned him on. I looked to Casey who was looking at me and we both giggled. "What's so funny?" Asked Caleb in a slightly hurt voice. "I think, Casey made Elliot" I giggled and by then Elliot had gone a little red. It was fine I really didn't care. We made small talk about family, interests, grades e.t.c until our food came.

On the table and were placed a chicken parmigiana, a Caesar salad, a plate of fish and chips and a plate of spaghetti. Out of no where Caleb's arm shot straight up and reached for the spaghetti. That was my favourite but I guess he could have it. I looked down and heard a small thump. Caleb had placed the plate of pasta in front of me. How did he know? "Thank you, how did you know?" I asked with quite a lot of enthusiasm. He just smiled softly and said "When we ate with you today, you were eating spaghetti. In the three years of going to school here and trying stuff on the cafeteria menu, you chose the spaghetti so I assumed it was was your favourite. Was I wrong?" I looked at him with admiration before quickly adding, "No, you weren't wrong. But with a brain like that, are you sure you need a tutor?" In a reading of the tone. He looked up from his Caesar salad he got left with. "Well you've said yes, of course I need a tutor." He teased. Minutes of eating silently went by until Caleb spoke.

"Hey Vanessa, is this a date?" He asked kind of shyly.

I sat there with my eyes glued to the him. I opened my mouth to answer but then closed it realising that if i didnt answer right it could potentially ruin this. what ever this was.

"Umm, I don't know what a date is. Do you think like it is because if you do then I'm fine with that." I replied expecting the worse.

"Great it's a date then." He exclaimed then looked toward Casey and Elliot. At his shocked face, I followed his gaze to which I found the lovebirds sitting next to us making out. Casey kissing? This was weird.

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