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Caleb's POV

Watching my friend make out was pretty weird. Usually if he was making out with a girl, I was too. Dinner was nearly done and we had we already ordered ice cream for dessert. It was about 10pm and I didn't want the night to end. This date was going great and it turned out Vanessa and I had quite a lot in common. We were an unlikely pair, but at the same time we were polar opposites. She was different, in a good way and like they sau, opposites attract.

When we nearly had enough of dinner, Vanessa looked up at me with a smile. I let out a slight chuckle and she immediately got defensive. "What!?" She asked clearly frustrated. "You've got some sauce right here." I answered and pointed to the left corner of my mouth. She grabbed a napkin and started to try to rub the mark off intensely. She couldn't do it. "Wow, your make-up is really resistant." I said. She just looked at me and replied, "Oh, I'm not wearing any make-up, we both aren't." And she went back to scrubbing. What?? She just looked that beautiful without make-up? I didn't think that was possible.

"Wow, you really are beautiful aren't you?" I asked in a charming tone. She just blushed and looked down shyly "You're just saying that so I'll tutor you." She stated. I looked at her with amazement before "How do you not see the beauty I see?" I asked In a confused way.
"I've been put down my whole life, you expect me to believe what one person says?," she asked as I grabbed her face. I slowly wiped away the mark that she couldn't get and wiped it on a napkin. I just shook my head and replied "You're crazy, I promise I'll never put you down ok." She just smiled and not long after dessert was served.

We ate all we could eat before paying and heading toward the door. I smiled down at Vanessa who was attached to me as we walked to the car. We got in and drive home. Late at night, the roads were surprisingly busy in our town. The car ride back to Vanessa's house was a long drive. We were about half way when all of a sudden a loud click was heard. Then a glut then engine cut off. Elliott's car had died.


Hello, I would like some feedback on my story so far if you would like to give it. I would prefer constructive critism over put downs though please. :)💜💜💜
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