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You've got the moves

Vanessa's POV

Elliot's car just died. Oh no, it's like 10:30 and it's a school night. Will I miss the second day of school in senior year? Oh no. Calm down Vanessa it's just a broken down car, someone will help us. At least, that's what I told myself, visibly panicking. Caleb obviously noticed because he placed his hand carefully atop mine and gave it a gentle squeeze. His warmth was very comforting and made me feel a lot better.

"Well, looks like we're gonna be late tomorrow." Stated Elliot. What did he just say? "What do you mean Elliot?" I asked. He flashed Caleb a sly smile but I still saw it. "I mean" he started "it's to dark to walk by ourselves and Casey and I are cerinly not going anywhere. So we can't get home till the morning." He was being cuddled tightly and I realised that during the commotion of my panicking, Casey had moved from the passenger seat to Elliott's lap.

This was really different for Casey, usually she was frigid. She wasn't really hands-on with any other guy before Elliot. It was nice to see her so happy. "I don't want to be late tomorrow, so I'll walk to my house and get Casey's car. I'll bring it back And come get you guys okay?" I didn't want to disturb Casey so I decided to get out of the car and proceeded to take off my shoes.

"What are you doing?" Asked Caleb while he chuckled. "Well, it's really hard to walk in heels you know. I'll leave them here and walk barefoot. I don't care." I went to walk away and that's when I felt a hand grab mine. "If it's okay with you, I would rather not see them get it on so can I come with you?" Caleb shyly asked me. "Are you sure you can keep up with me Mathews?" I asked him cheekily. He flashed me a huge grin and answered "Well I'll try but take it easy on me please." I tied my hair in a messy bun and got my stance ready. "Ready.. Steady.." And before I could finish I took off. He just gasps and shouted "Oh you sneaky little... I'm gonna get you!" And he started to chase me. I got about 300m and had to stop because I had stepped on some glass shards. Caleb finally caught up to me and looked confused.

"What did you run out of breath?" He asked and looked me over. "What no, I stepped on some glass is all." He looked to my foot that was now bleeding quite profusely. "Holy shit, why aren't you crying it should be sore." He stared at me with concern. "Chill dude, it just some blood, it doesn't hurt that much." I reassured. "Sit down." He ordered and I did so. He sounded mad so I thought I had done some thing wrong. He quickly took off his shoes and put them on my feet. His feet were like 4 sizes to big for me. He was now barefooted and standing on the cold ground. He un-did his tie and wrapped it under my foot and up around my calf. "I'll bleed in your shoes." I stated.

When I looked up, I met his intense gaze. "I don't care." He replied. He slowly helped me steady to my feet and then placed his arm around my waist. "Woah, what are you doing?" I asked, trying to read the situation. "Calm down V, I'm just making sure you don't fall." He replied reassuringly. It made me calm down quite a bit and his hand was actually really nice. We came to a stop about 200 more meters up the road.

"Do you trust me?" Asked Caleb. That was out of nowhere. This boy really knows how to ask weird questions randomly doesn't he. "Umm...why? Are you gonna kill me?" I asked in a teasing voice. "No its just that, its pretty late and I was thinking it might be quicker of I carried you." He stated. What? Him carry me. "Well in that case not at all." His facial expression went from shy to offended "What? Why not?" He blurted. "I'm self conciense about weight." I answered shyly while wrapping my arms around my body feeling cold all of a sudden. "V, you've got a beautiful body, you are really skinny. I can carry you easily. Please?" He practically begged making sad little puppy dog eyes. "Ughh, fine" I finally gave in. He was hard to refuse.

He grabbed my arm and immediately looked at me. Without a word he removed his jacket and placed it over me. Again way to big for me. He then squated down so I could jump on his back. I did so and he didn't even flinch. "Well Mathews, you do have the moves."

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