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What just happened

Caleb's POV

As she rested on my back, I couldn't stop thinking about her. Her beauty and elegance but the toughness that she showed me left me speechless. I thought about her for ages but not in a sexual way. I thought, this girl is smart, funny, beautiful and just perfect.

The thing is, Vanessa and I were friends in primary school and over time I eventually contracted feelings for her. She was amazing back then and she was so kind to me. I used to have a lot of acne and all the others would make fun of me... but she didn't. She saw pass my imperfections and saw me but she was still a nerd. In a good way. I never got the courage to ask her out and as time went by and I changed I had to make sacrifices to protect myself from bullies. I never bullied anyone but I saw how much the nerds got bullied and it pained me to see Vanessa picked on. I couldn't say anything because my mother forced me to keep up my 'winner reputation' or so she said.

Over the years that thought had become a distant memory and I never noticed her like that again. Now that I think about it, this makes me sound really shallow. To much time around the jocks. We got about two blocks from her house when she demanded I put her down. I happily obliged, both wanting to make her the slightest bit uncomfortable. "Thanks for that." She said while readjusting my jacket over shoulders. "I'll carry you whenever you need." I stated in a cheesy way like they do in movies. After about an hour of walking, we eventually made it to the car. "Hey Caleb, I was wondering if you could drive." I looked at her slightly confused. Usually she liked control. "Sure." I replied slipping into the front seat.

Vanessa slipped into the passenger seat tiredly. "Oh, are you coming?" I asked with a grin on my face. "Why, do you not want me to. I can go inside if you want." She panicked and started unbuckling her seat belt. "Wait, no." I protested, grabbing her hand kind of aggressively. She strapped in and we took off. It was a half an hour drive back to Elliot and Casey who were now probably screwing in the back or even worse, the front seat. I shook my head to get those thoughts out of my mind. She looked toward me and giggled.

"I know, bad thought right. I don't want to imagine my best friend getting it on with someone I likes best friend." She stated. Wow she read my mind. I looked to her who had her hands in her lap. Hang on, did she just say she likes me? "Ummm, forget I said that." She blurted nervously. "How can I forget when a goddess who I have feelings for tells me she likes me?" I reply awaiting a response until I didn't get one. She looked to me and smiled at that was it. We both told eachother that we lied one another.

We got back to the car to find Elliot, half naked with his hands snaked around Casey's fully covered body. "Come on guys let's go." I stated and helped them to the back seat. "Hey V, can I sit in front? You look really tired and I just thought that you to could get some sleep while we drive." Elliot asked in a sincere voice. I was surprised in the level of respect he asked her in. "Sure, I could really get some sleep. Thanks so much Elliot." She replied touching his arm nicely. I wished she was touching me. Oh great now I'm feeling jealousy. We once again sped off in the car and not even two minutes later the girls were sound asleep. What just happened between Elliot and Casey?
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