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Vanessa's POV

I tried to sleep so badly on the way home. I just couldn't. I didnt want to offend anyone if i
I 'woke up' so I pretended to sleep. Casey in the other hand was sound asleep Resting on my shoulder. And that's when I heard it.

"Dude, Casey can really ride. I don't know how much I can stand of her though. She's only an 8. You on the other hand, you did a great job. How did you manage to get into the most conservative, hottest girl at schools pants. Dude she is a 10." Elliot casually brought up. WTF did he just say about my friend. I was about to intervene when,
"Dude, I didn't sleep with her. This girl man. She makes me crazy. She desrves to be treated like a princess not a conquest." Caleb replied to in his hurtful comment. "And Casey should be treated like a princess to. They're not like the others, they aren't just flings, well V's not anyway. If you're gonna be a pig, Casey will leave you not the other way around." Caleb once again said. "Chill dude, you'll wake them up." Said Elliot a little shaky. "Let's put on some music." Elliot then suggested. They flicked the radio on and turned it down really low as not to wake us.

Caleb began to sing along softly. He sounded so angelic. I pretended to wake up a nbd rub my eyes gently. "Rise and shine sleepy head." Caleb taunted to which I responded with a slap on t the arm and a cheeky comment. "You suck. You know that right." Caleb turned a light shade of red and said "Am I really that bad?" I just laughed and smiled softly.
"No, that's why you suck. You can sing, dance and play sport. You can do everything and on I top of that, you're attractive so you've got everything going for you." I retorted. Elliot looked to me and back to him. "Holy shit dude, you can dance?" Oh no did I tell Elliot something I wasn't supposed to. "Yeah, me and Caleb were best friends when we were younger. We used to dance together to." I replied to which Caleb said "I can't believe you remembered that." But he really was my best friend. "Actually, I don't have everything going for me. I'm not smart. As in education wise." I just chuckled and then the car came to a stop. "You take her and we'll pick you both of up in the morning ok?" Caleb said and I nodded. Heaving Casey up the Drive was no easy task but I eventually managed and took our her phone.

Hey mum, I'll stay with Vanessa tonight. I'll wear her clothes and come back tomorrow afternoon. Love you bye.

I wrote as if I were her. I lugged her inside the and up the stairs. I launched her softly on the bed and covered her tightly with the blankets. "Vanessa, come here." My mum ordered while slurring her words. "You're home late and you didn't ask to have friends over." She said calmer while taking long puffs of her cigarette. She was a wreck since dad left and can't pull herself together. "I know mum I'm-" she cut me off by putting the lit cigarette out on my neck. "Don't do that again." She commanded "I'm sorry I-" again she cut me off by striking my face with her fist. "And font talk back." She finished before slimming away to her room. The cigarette had burned a large red mark on my neck. My face red and purple already from where her fist had connected with my face. It tingling with pain.

I walked back to my room to find Casey sitting up, looking at me with concern. She had he asked the commotion and she didn't want to overstep but she had to know. "Is this why you've always got long clothes on?" I nodded. Tears forming in my eyes I close the door, i put my hands to my face wh e n the tears roll down my cheeks. "I'm so so sorry. You weren't suppose to hear that it see me cry." She just held me close and kissed the top of the of my head. We drifted off to peacefully and awoke to the car horn. We were gonna be late.

We rushed to the closet to look for clothes. I grabbed a light blue, lacy mini dress and some flats. Again, showing my long legs and some chest but not slutty, it hugged my c urges perfectly. Casey grabbed a pair of jeans and a green cropped top. She through on my black converse and we rushed out. Skipping breakfast and looking in the mirror. Shit.

We got to the car and all eyes were on me. "What?" I asked clearly conused. Casey leaned over to me and whispered "I've got concealer and makeup in my bag." She pointed to her little black bag and that's when I remembered. "Shit, don't worry about this guys. I was so tired last night that when I went to get a midnight snack and I accidentally opened the fridhe into my face and WHAM." I lied and them still staring. "Oh and I learned over a candle last night and got burned. I'm clumsy." I finished before getting the make-up and putting it in to cover my marks.

A few hours later and a few weird stares it was finally lunch. Casey and I went to our table and not long after joined the jocks. Whitney death glared me as Caleb once again sat in front of me. I flipped her my middle finger and sat down. A tray was placed in front of me by Caleb that had none other then spaghetti on it. "Thanks." I said as I couldn't think what to say. "Why aren't you eating?" He asked with such concern it made me melt.
"I-I dont know." I stammered scooping some of the pasta in my mouth. "Hmmm." I groaned. I didn't eat bre a least so I was so hungry.

"I love the noises you make when you eat. Maybe a little to much." He added with a a sly wink. I giggled and that's when Whitney piped up again. "Hmm, even more make-up today wittle girl. Does someone wanna impress?" She taunted in a baby voice with her bottom lip out in a pout across the cafeteria directly aimed at me. I've had enough. "Hmm, even more of a bitch today wittle skank, does someone need a tampon?" I replied in the sane tone. Everyone look on in awe when Elliott said "Just chill the fuck out guys. You're being immature." Pfft, like he can talk. Last night he was being immature. "What? Are you gonna let him talk to your girlfriend like that Caleb?" Whitney asked trying to provoke me with the word girlfriend. By now everyone in the cafeteria was listening. "You're right." He started which kinda made my heart break a little. "Elliot, don't talk to Vanessa like that." He stated. Me his girlfriend... I like that. Whitney gasped loudly and nearly passed out. Caleb grabbed my hand a lead me out of the room to the empty hallway. His arms around my body and our faces mere inches apart.

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