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Caleb's POV

Standing mere inches from Vanessa's beautiful face was amazing. I used every bit of my will power to refrain from breaking the distance between our faces and kissing her. She was significantly shorter then me so I stood over her unitentionally. I'm crazy about this girl.

Seconds passed, just us, standing alone in the hallway. Our faces so close We could feel each others breath. Out of nowhere, her lips met mine. Slowly moving her lips against mine and looked at me for a response. I didn't move. "I'm so sorry, I thought that's-" she started but my mouth covered her instantaneous. The kiss was soft and kind, but soon developed.

With her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth, I began to do the same. She tasted so sweet. About a minute of us making out went by before we had to step back to take a breath. She bit my bottom lip seductively as I stepped away causing a low groan to escape my throat. She giggled and asked "Was that okay? I've never kissed anyone." She looked down in embarrassment to which I placed a soft hand under her chin and lifted it to look at me.
"Now how did my girlfriend get so good at kissing?" I retorted cheekily. I overpronounced girlfriend to see her reaction. She just smiled and replied "I don't know but maybe you can teach me some other things." She winked seductively as a joke to me before slinking down the hall.

"Hey V, meet me at the front of the school after school please." She cocked her head and asked "Why?" I shook my head chuckling.
"You're tutoring me silly." She laughed and continued on her way. Shaking her hips deliberately as to get a reaction out of me. I wolf whistled and let her on her way.

Later that day, the bell rang and I practically jumped out of my seat to get to the door. Everyone split in the doorway to make room for me to come through. I rushed down the hallway to my locker and grabbed my key and helmet. Did I forget to tell her I'm on my bike? I might have. I hope she doesn't mind. I made my way out of the front door to meet with Vanessa but my way out was blocked. A bunch of Whitney's minions were standing there trying to stop me from getting to my bike and my girlfriend who was now standing at the back of the group.

A few minutes went passed until Vanessa was sick of this. She was calm one second then the next she furious. At first I saw one girl fall over. Then another. Until she got to two girls away. She was about to get to me and I reached my hand out to hold hers but as we were about to meet, she-devil interrupted. "Hey babe, what are you doing? You know you don't touch other girls when we're together right?" Whitney hissed, obviously knowing it was a lie. I glanced at Vanessa who was now just behind Whitney. She was hurt, she had scratch marks that were bleeding a lot and she was hurt emotionally. She couldn't tell Whitney was lying.

Or maybe she could, maybe she was just mad at Whitney for lying. I think she was mad because just as I was about to speak she pulled Whitney down to the ground by her hair and as she was laying there Vanessa got on top of her. She started hammering her face with her fist. Completely knocking her out but not stopping. "Woah, woah, woah!" I started screaming and pulling Vanessa away. "Go get on the bike!" I yelled at her and handed her my helmet. "Whitney?" I asked wearily and she opened her bruised eyes and looked at me. "I'm fine just go away." She called her friends over and they hobbled away carrying her.

I stormed over to Vanessa who was sitting on my bike looking scared. "What was that?" I asked when I made it over to her.
"I-I'm s-sorry, Idon't know what came over me." She muttered through tears. I walked closer and gripped her in a tight hug. "Shhh, you can tell me what happened later, okay." She sniffled a little bit and wiped away her tears with a nod. She slid back and put the helmet on. I straddled the bike and sat back for her to grab hold of me. She put her arms around my waist and held on tight. I let out a airy chuckle and we took off toward my house.
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