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What's up with you?

Vanessa's POV

Speeding down the back roads with Caleb in my arms after what I just did feels wrong. I just have so much pent up anger from home and that Whitney bitch thinks she can act like that IN. FRONT. OF. ME.

What the fuck, who does that? Oh, her obviously. As the bike came to a slow stop, Caleb began to dismount and help me off. "What the fuck V, you can't just do that. What's up with you? You don't seem righ-" I cut him off with a short kiss. "Just... hormones I guess." I answered with a sweet smile. I just couldn't bring up the fact that my own mother beats me so early on in the relationship. It was kind of embarrassing.

"Major mood swing then. It's not like I believe you but you are just too cute to argue with right now." He retorted while lifting me effortless off the bike. "Thanks" I smiled sheepishly. We made our way toward the door before he stopped, "Ummm, my mom's home so I guess you'll have to meet her." He said nervously. I just nodded and grabbed his arm as to tell him I'm ready.

As I walked through the grand doors, I smelled something delicious coming form the kitchen. "Mother, I'm home. I have someone I'd like you to meet." As he finished an elegant lady with long black curls walked down a sweeping staircase in a night gown and face mask atop her head. "What Caleb? Who am I meeti-" she stopped as she saw me. "Oh, hello. Caleb who is this beauty on your arm?" She asked sincerely. I looked to his other arm, expecting to see someone there but I didn't. I quickly looked back to the women and answered "Oh, you mean me?" I asked while pointing a finger at myself. "I'm Vanessa, I am Caleb's girlfriend. It is so lovely to meet you ma'am." I added with a gentle but confident smile.

"Oh please, call me Darlene honey." She said and held out her hand. I graciously accepted and shook it. I looked toward Caleb and he stood there, mouth slightly ajar. I guess he was surprised we were getting along. "Yeah, she is also my tutor because she is the smartest person in the school." He added when he acknowledged my staring. "Oh, smart and beautiful what can't you do?" Darlene said. I just giggled softly. "Tracy is in the kitchen making us spaghetti like you requested Caleb." He smiled shyly and looked down. "Oh really? That is my favourite food." I said cheekily aimed at Caleb." Really because Caleb has been eating it a lot lately. He said it reminded him of some thing great. I don't suppose that he could mean yo-" she was cut short by the now bright red Caleb. "Ahh, thanks mom, we're gonna go upstairs and do homework now. We'll talk later. Bye" he spat as he rushed us upstairs.

"Whew, that was a close call." Caleb said as he sighed with relief. "Your mum is so sweet. I could spend everyday here." I replied, not letting him know about the scars that are buried deep within my soul from my mum. "Tracy is nearly ready so we should clean up. After that you'll tutor me right?" I just nodded with agreement and went to the bathroom to wash my face and hands. "Tracy is the cook and cleaner by the way." Caleb added as he washed his hands in the other side of the double basin. "She is a foreign nanny from London about our age." He again added so I wouldn't be surprised. "Should I be worried?" I joked jealously in a funny tone.

"No-one could take me away from you." Caleb continued as he walked up behind me in the mirror and hugged me from behind. He placed a soft kiss on my cheek and then one o my forehead (Girls love that kind of stuff.) We walked down stairs and sat down ready to eat. "Dinners ready, oh you must be Vanessa. Caleb talks a lot about you lately, I'm Tracy." A beautiful young lady said as she entered the room. "My god, you're so beautiful." I said without thinking. "Oh no, you are so beautiful." She replied with a genuine smile on her face. Her long black hair flowed freely around her shoulders where her light yellow off the shoulder top sat. Her ripped jeans fit her legs and she paired them nicely with blue flats. Her emerald eyes were very distinguished by her long lashes and dark eyebrows. She might be a threat I thought to myself.

As we finished our dinners, I smiled and thanked Tracy and Darlene then Caleb and I made our way upstairs. We sat down at the desk that was set perfectly for us. "Thank you for dinner and everything." I said as we sat down. "No problem, now where to start?" I giggled at his remark as we continued to work. By the time we ended and he drove me home, it was about 9pm. School was the next morning and I had to get my beauty sleep so I gave him a soft peck and headed inside. "You little slut! Where were you?" My mum slurred in a drunken haze. She didn't give me any time to explain before I saw her hand raise back and I knew what was coming. *smack* Her hand connected with my face and stinging suddenly became apparent. I was not going to shed a tear for this woman. I let her finish before walking to my room. I stared in the mirror and thought about tommorow. Hopefully the marks are gone.

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