Don't look into my eyes

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Ava Jackson a girl with rough past. Is fierce , stubborn. What happens when she meets Simon Fenton a mysterious guy of her college But what when fire meets the fire. Though some times it takes rain to bring up the fire...

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1 The life

"When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It's where my demons hide.."

Ava's Pov
"Where are you going darling, it's pretty dark now let me help you" I hear a guy , followed by a wolf whistle.
I give a glance to the bunch of assholes standing beside their bikes, their eyes roaming all over my body.

"She looks edible" The other guy says to the first guy. They start walking towards me.

I smirk at them. Edible!? Huh!

"Oh! You look interested better, otherwise we have our own ways" Asshole one said.
He makes his way towards me, I take out jackknife from the back pocket of my shorts and stab it right above the asshole's stomach.

"You bloody bitch!" Asshole one winced in pain.

I smirk at him. Yeah thats what you get for calling me "edible"

"I am edible right!, C'mon you can taste me a little bit" I said smirking at others.
They stop dead in their tracks.

Uhoh playing together are we??

"Are you mad!!, You motherfucking bitch! Look what you did!" Asshole two said gesturing his hand towards asshole one, others were still in shock.
I take out my phone from my pocket and call Vivian.

"Hello, Ava where the hell are you!?" Vivian said.

"Hello, Is it police commissioner Mr. Fenton speaking?, Actually I'm in trouble here. Here are some guys bothering me, Yeah, they are on bikes, You want-"
I heard Assholes riding their asses off on their bikes.

Good! Well played Ava!, poor asshole might spend few days in hospital now.

"Ava!, Where the hell are you? tell me!? Who's bothering you? What guys?" Vivian said almost crying.

"I'm alright. I'll be home in 10 minutes and stop worrying about me so much, stop crying. I am perfectly fine. I'll explain what happened once I'm back" I said calmly.

"You are sure, You okay?" Vivian said, her voice cracking.

"Yepp, as fine of drinking vodka for rest of my life" I said chuckling humourlessly.

"I'm waiting, Be back soon."

With that I end the call, and start walking towards the dorm. Watching the dark sky with little or almost no stars because of clouds, that's what life is like right? All dark and gloomy with no light, no companion. Everything comes with a price.

"God!, You okay??" Vivian asked, as I entered the dorm room.

"Do we have something to drink?" I asked her, ignoring her question.

"Oh my goodness gracious!, You've blood spots on your shirt!" Vivian said stopping me from opening refrigerator.

"I was honoured by a bunch of assholes, so they got what they asked for" I showed her my jackknife covered with asshole's blood.

"Jesus!! You killed them!, No Ava! No!,Did you!? No I know you can't" Vivian said with fear, sweat dripping from her forehead.

"Relax!, I just stabbed him above his stomach that not too deep. He called me edible!, He called me fucking edible after all"

"Ava!, You should've called cops instead of taking situation in you hand. Anything would've happened, they wou-"

"They would have harmed me, might have raped me, But nothing happened to me right!. I'm standing right here!, 'alive' in front of you" I answered her nonchalantly.

"That's why I always tell you to call a cab, But no! you never listen to me" She said scrunching her nose making wierd gestures with her hands

"Really Vivian! I'm going to bed since you don't have even a single bottle of whiskey to drink" I snapped.
With that I went towards my room, closing door with a 'thud' sound.
I sat beside my window staring at dark sky.
God! She is just a roommate but behaves likes her life depends on me. I even have asked her, why she cares for me so much. She always tell me it's because she is my friend and only friend. I never had a friend and I neither like attention nor want.

"Ava!!, Open the damn door!, I'm not over yet!" She yelled, banging my door.

God someday I'll kill this woman with my own hands

"What do you want now" I said opening the door slightly.

"Tomorrow is the first day of college. I forgot to tell you that today was our last day of break, I want you to pack your bag for tomorrow and get your clothes ready"

"Wha-!?" Nerves of this woman!.
She forgets to tell me the damn date and still has nerves to cut me off.

"I know I should've told you earlier but you always change topic, it's been a week since we've moved here and almost two months since we have been together, so for god's name instead of arguing with me I would request you to move your lazy butt" She smirked at me and dragged me out of my room.

"Vivian!" I tried to make an excuse, but I know my all efforts are going to be in vain.

"Don't you Vivian me!, young woman!, I had enough of you and we are going to college 'together' tomorrow" she snapped.

"But-!? nerves of this woman!

"No buts I warned you to not to spoil my mood, Now you see que harè contigo" She smirked at me again with evil glint in her eyes.
I followed her to her room, knowing that now I have no choice. Never anger a Mexican woman. We segregated our books and she gave me a backpack and binder to put my stuff.
She went to washroom to try her dress for tomorrow. Soon she came out looking gorgeous. She wore a black dress up to her knees with small stones studded around her waist. The dress was simple but she was indeed beautiful. She was taller than me long legs, long eyelashes, fuller lips, fuller bosoms. She twirled around looking at me asking for my suggestion.

"May I go to bed now mi comandante" I asked her sarcasm dripping from each word.

"You may, but tell me mi amigo how do I look?" She asked lifting her one eyebrow.

"You look beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing, sexy, hot-"
I hate nerves of this woman

"Okay!okay. I've a dress for you too, you wanna try it now or later" She asked while playing with hem of her dress.

"Nope, I'm gonna sleep now. Good night Vivian" I said while closing the door of my room.

I made a beeline towards my bed and slept.
Everything comes with a price..

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