The Mysterious Guy In Town

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Leah never believed in love but an encounter with the new smoking hot mysterious guy in town might change that all will he bring her trouble or love? Maybe both? And what happens when her past follows her will she break down or will she keep standing? Genres: Romance and Drama Can you handle all the romance, mystery and drama? This story is written by Senna van den Berg❤︎ Xx 18+ {Mature themes and strong language}

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

The Familiar Voice {Chapter 1}

{The Future}

The guy that’s him the creep, I froze he slowly came closer he said “what’s a pretty girl like you doing here alone at night?” Those words he said that send a shiver to my spine but not a good one that one when you feel uncomfortable, he slowly put his hand on my butt I was freaking out what now! I have to get out of this situation! Was I thinking to myself I did the only thing that I could do in this situation and that is screaming “Help me!!, please help me!!!”

No one showed up of course what was I thinking we were in a super quiet alley no one would have heard me screaming anger was written all over his eyes that’s when I knew I fucked up I started to close my eyes praying to god that someone would save me who knew that prayer would come out because then I heard a way to familiar voice wait how did he know I was here? I knew this wasn’t the time to question him or myself, so I slowly opened my eyes and indeed it was him I was so focused on my thoughts that I didn’t even know what he said before but then he used his demanding voice again “I’m not gonna repeat it again, get your filthy hands of the girl!!”

The creep finally removed his hands of me and here I am again lost in thoughts why would he care about me I barely even know him? And then I reminded myself again in what kind of situation I was. I soon realized that it wasn’t save here so I ran as fast as I could to the end of the alley, around the corner I was save and out of reach I watched the sort of fight you can’t even call it a fight because what happened next I would never forget. His eyes they went bright red!! And with that he had the creep on the ground in seconds like he suddenly had super strength what the fuck!

I could have sworn his eyes were green more questions started popping up in my head what is he? I had to know! And with all my left over strength I ran straight to him maybe my biggest mistake I ever made. I looked deeply in his eyes they were green again I said “What are you?” He smirked and asked “Aren’t you scared of me?” And when he said that I could have sworn his eyes turned bright red again for a second I started shaking worse then before I was trembling over my own words when I was trying to answer back “N-no I-I don’t think so” then he let a small little smirk out and walked away...

End of chapter 1
I will try to publish twice in a month.
One chapter in two weeks. :)

Thank you so much for reading.
I hope you’ll stick around.
Sorry for any writing mistakes my first language is not English I don’t know if you already could tell.
If you wanna keep track of my updates follow my Instagram account @sennawritesinkitt

For any questions feel free to ask.
An original story written by me:
Senna van den Berg

Till next time!
Much love Senna x

Posted on: Monday, May 18 {2020}

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