The Mysterious Guy In Town

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The Past? {Chapter 2}

{November 24}

{1 am}

“It was a cold and stormy winter night but that’s normal for this time of year, a mysterious woman in all dark black clothing came running and panting out of the forest with a small basket on her arm you could hear the movement in the basket with the sound of a baby crying like never before. This town in the forest was small and there were only a few standing houses left, luckily people lived in these houses and it wasn’t abandoned or this baby would starve to death and never gets to see daylight

The woman was now standing in front of the porch, she saw lights coming on and stressed herself out, she quickly put the basket with the baby down and looked in its eyes one more time and she left running into the forest again and was never to be found. Not a single person could find a trace of the women. It was like she vanished from earth, never to be found again.
A lovely sweet couple came out of the door, a rumor goes around that they were the only ones that saw the woman’s face but they told no one the real story of it. Some rumors even say she wasn’t even human but those are of course only rumors, no one knows if it’s even real or not but soonly the story was all over the globe and they still call it “the untold story of the woman in black” nowadays no one prefers to talk about it anymore or you’ll get in trouble with the government”


???: “Don’t give me that face, come on don’t you think this could’ve happened to you?”

Leah: “Even if I don’t wanna talk about it Eve!”

???: “Sweety, don’t talk about such an touchy subject again please now say sorry to your sister and get your ass in the car we’re already late!”

Eve: “Okay mom, I’m so sorry Leah I didn’t mean it like that”

Leah: “It’s oke Eve I know your intentions now go! and have a great day at school!”

Eve: “Will do bye sissy!”

Mom: “I’m sorry sweetheart I’ll see you later I’ve got to go now and I’m already late”

{Leah Smiling}

Leah: “I understand, bye mom! And good luck with Eve and work”

At the end of the day she is still family and has good intentions so I know she would never mean it like that. For my mom and Eve the day has already started for me this is just the beginning after picking the biggest bowl I could find in the cabinet I fill it with fresh fruit and head upstairs good thing I already showered so I can go straight to picking out an outfit today I finally get to see my friends again after a well needed summer vacation. For me it doesn’t even matter because I love my work but my friends said I was in books and computers too long. After I was dressed I was about to go downstairs when suddenly I heard someone walking downstairs but no one was supposed to be home! Is there a stranger in my house?! What do I do now?!

End of chapter 2

I will try to publish twice in a month.

One chapter in two weeks. :)

Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you’ll stick around.

Sorry for any writing mistakes my first language is not English I don’t know if you already could tell.

If you wanna keep track of my updates follow my Instagram account @sennawritesinkitt

For any questions feel free to ask.

An original story written by me:

Senna van den Berg

Till next time!

Much love Senna x

Posted on: Monday, June 8th {2020}

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