His fake wife

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6. His betrayal

His betrayal

Kiara swigged her saliva gazing at the guy in her front, her expressions were as if she was seeing the world's worst guy, "What are you doing here in this dark night standing alone on the gate?"… He flirtatiously asked trying to touch her bare shoulder. Left eye as well as ear pierced with metal ring he ruffled his hairs those seemed to be wet. He was Payton, college's badboy!

Kiara rolled her eyes moving away from him with clenched jaw, her eyes were red already, having waited till so long she did not know what to do. "Go to hell Payton. Fuck you!"… She showed him her middle finger with a cunning smile making the looks on his face to change from smirking to heck serious.

This girl was something to play with, something to taste slowly with ecstasy. Her tongue was sharper than a butcher's knife. She could kill anyone with her killer beauty! And that intrigued me Payton too. He looked away trying to keep his cool, this girl very well knew how to test his vexation.

However, just like the Ray of light passes within a blink, in the same time his facial expressions changed back to the previous ones. The naughty smile with lusty eyes focusing back on her hour glass figure, "Hmmm, trust me Kiara, I badly want you to fuck me. I see you doing that to me every night!"… He replied taking her by surprise. She hated to admit, but he caught her within her web only.

Her face went dull listening to him. She knew Payton lusted her, there was a soft corner in his heart for her. He would every now and then bother her with his vulgar messages or for that matter openly flirt with her in the college, but she did not know he will one day speak his stupid emotions out. She felt like puking right on his face. He damn deserved that!

In fact, he was supposed to be insulted by every female student of the campus, he has destroyed many lives and betrayed many girls. If she would not have been occupied already then she would have really turned her thoughts into reality.

Regardless, that was not her concern as for then. She has even more serious issue to look at. Her boyfriend had not come to the farewell party! He has been unavailable as long as she can remember after that day in the café.

"Go away Payton… I am already very angry. Do not get on my head! Raven have not come till now and here you are irritating me. Just fuck off before I kill you right here!"… She pulled her hairs shouting maniacly.

Her frustration was on another level. Firstly no Raven and secondly, here this motherfucker was eating her brain. The day that was supposed to be the best day began with a bad notice and now she reckoned, it was going to end the same way.

However, her concerned face only made his scrunch his eye brows. He briefly stared her face while she longingly gazed across over the gate with hope gleaming in her eyes. It was ironical, thought Payton but the very next second… He busted into laughter severely.

" Are you mad! "… She rudely asked, to which he nodded in no. " Then why on land are you laughing like this! Idiot. "… She stomped her foot, good he was standing away otherwise she would not have mind to stomp her foot on his at all! Payton only held his stomach taking his own good time laughing his heart out, and stood straight as she began to glare him like an angry lioness.

She rested her hands on her butt, fumed in anger as she glared him with the deadliest of her looks with no blinks at all. Payton put a finger on his lips but then, ended laughing out loud again. There was seemingly some funny scene from a funny movie was going on, he supposed. Well, it really was a movie playing in front of him itself.

"Sorry, sorry. I am soo sorry Kiara but I can't stop myself from laughing. I soooooo pity you."… He spread his hands out wide showing her how much did he pity her. She lifted her hand to give him a punch until, "I pity your innocence actually."… He said that made her stop in her tracks.

Kiara silently stared him… Her eyes softened and face calmly fixated over his body as he disclosed the worst news to her. "Your guy is there inside with Shania. He has come earlier than anyone else. And you want to know why?" he neared her. They were standing at some distance yet quite close that each one of them could hear each other's respective heart beats.

Although she was not supposed to trust his words. Many a time he had fooled her speaking shit, trying to break her relationship with Raven nevertheless today, Sue felt like if she would not listen to him today that tomorrow she will have to regret it. That is why, Kiara nodded her head in yes asking him to go further.

"They are participating in the contest together as a couple. In fact Raven is going to propose her tonight."… It hit her right inside of her chest where her heart was beating.

"Stop your nonsense… I know you, this is again one of your tricks to provoke me against him so that we break apart."… She kicked him on the knee, Payton bent down holding his kicked knee wincing in pain.

"I knew it, you will never believe on me. And that is why I have got you the proof. See this."… He showed her, his phone, where it was clearly mentioned in their 'ONLY BOYS' WhatsApp group that tonight Raven would propose Shania. It was him who messaged in the group to his friends to help him out with the best of ideas so that he can propose her.

This broke her badly. Kiara dropped the phone down and ran inside the hall only to witness something that hurt her for three fucking years.

Back to the present…

She sobbed in his arms, now not because of Girard but because of him. And his betrayal. But still, as one can see… She was there in his arms curled up in a tight hug.

It hurt her when she reminisced that night again. Kiara cried seeing them play 'Vodka Shots' where they were asked questions by the host, and they alternatively answered them like a couple. That smile, that happiness she never saw on his face while they were together.

Leave that, she could not dare to go there and talk to him, she simply ran away from there and locked herself in her hostel room and cried the whole night. What could be more hurting than this, she was clearly rejected by him without letting her know. He simply replaced her.

When the morning appeared, there was a knock on her door and she knew who it was. It was him, Raven. Kiara did not even mind opening the door, she laid on her bed crying her heart out.

And guess what, he knew she was told about him and Shania and that was the reason why she didn't show up in the party. Yet Raven had the guts to knock on her door and confront everything from his mouth. He told her, about his attraction towards Shania, he told her how he started liking her and eventually how he decided to move in with her.

"Kiara I know I should have told you earlier but everything happened so quickly that I could not tell you. But honestly, I don't think we are made for each other, types! You deserve best, and I know I am not that best for you."… He said quite many things to her in addition.

She was heartbroken to know he was going to Canada for internship with her. That day, she lost a part of herself.

" Kiara… Kiara!!!"… She was still in her reverie that he had to shake her vigorously to grab her attention. "We are home, let's get going."… She forced a smile, seeing him smile a part of her felt lively while on the other hand, another part within her ached.

She missed this smile, she missed his attention, and now that he was here… She felt like leaving him and taking her revenge on him!


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