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7. Hurt again

Hurt again

Kiara's point of view...

He opened the door for me. His brother Girard swiftly exited the car and entered in the house leaving us alone. I was happy and felt light hearted to see him not near us any more. His presence was making it difficult for me to breathe. He did not seem the old Girard any more yet his facial expressions were the same. It refreshed my old memories. That was haunting!

I lightly breathed a sigh feeling my body relaxing in comfort at his departure. I was so much lost in myself that I totally forgot Raven has been standing there with an open door asking for me to get out, but his voice could not reach me, I was too into my thoughts. When I nervously gaped his face that was slightly getting into the mode of annoyance, he just looked away.

This was his way to ignore his frustration toward me.

As a placed my foot out, he glared me with expressionless face but I could clearly say he was pissed out. "I am sorry, I was just zoned out."… I stated in a low voice. Since I was close to him and my face was near his chin as he was standing in front of me like a mountain, I was sure he heard me.

Raven did not say anything to me. His pupils softened the moment as my words reached his ear drums. "Let's go in."… He closed the door behind me while I initiated my walk ahead. I could feel him behind me, I could feel his breaths on my back and I could tell he was busy with his phone.

Everything changed, his looks, his habits but not his addiction toward his phone. He seemingly engrossed himself so much into his phone that he did not even recognize when we reached near the low staircase of the bungalow across the main door.

"Ouch!"… Closing my eyes in fear I prepared my self as I was going to hit the ground after twisting my feet due to the high heels, however I never felt the pebbled artificial walkway hurt me.

When I opened my eyes I found my self hanging in his arms with him slightly leaning on me. His eyes locked with mine and suddenly the time seemed like rewinding again. I can't help but assume ourselves back in our college times. And to make it more special for myself, I remembered the day I met him.

It was the third month going on after the college started, it was though for me my first day of college. I was transferred from my college from the Philippines to Don Bosco Institute, USA.

Philippines is where I come from to this versatile Institute of USA, Don Bosco. One of the best colleges of America that gets counted among the big colleges of America. I was transferred there because I topped the exams and came second in the state.

I don't know the name of the topper who stood first in the state, but I was told he was given admission in Harvard University, Massachusetts. I was nervous and very scared. Meeting new people, changing the college I wanted to be in suddenly and then getting transferred for my own good was too much for me to take in. I was on the gate of DBI (Don Bosco Institute) standing with my heavy two trunks and a backpack.

I was not ready to go there initially. I had no money, no relatives and no idea as to how will I be able to cope up with big people there. Even my English was not that good, just that I could understand it better and manage to reply. I like competition, but competing with the geniuses was not something I could every do!

I had taken a step forward to go in when, "Ohh even I saw the film. But honestly it did not meet up with my expectations."… I heard somebody on my back speak.

The voice was husky, clear and pleasing accent, that voice was chiming in my ears whenever it resonated around. It was hypnotizing. I lose my focus that made me stumble with my steps and eventually the trunks from both of my hands fell down while I was just on the verge of slapping the ground. I closed my eyes making it simpler for me to take the pain of falling on the concrete floor but it never came.

Yes, it never came because I was held by my waist.

When I opened my eyes, they met with a pair of pupils that stared me intently thus skipping my heart. The pair of eyes that I fell instantly for!

His lips were appealing, hairs were covering his face as he leaned against my body in a pose. I don't think I would have ever had realized he let his phone fall while he held me tight. That moment was magical! It was so one of the best moments I have had with Raven.

"Kia-raaaa!"… I experienced a hard shake as if I was standing near a construction site where the workers dig the land with that pencil kind of digger instrument and that noise that emits, shakes everyone. It though bought me back to land still I was shocked, what was that for?

After several blinks when I looked at him in my front, I got the whole gist of everything. "I am just done with your day dreaming Kiara Diaz!"… He stomped his foot grinding his teeth together.

"I am sorry I was just-"

"Zoned out again, weren't you?"… He finished it for me.

I passed him a smile with a confident nod letting him know that he caught me. Raven Carter knows me better than anyone else.

No sooner have I bobbed my skull than he faked a cry with a pout. "I don't know how am I going to bear you for a fucking year! You are pain in my ass Kiara."… He bellowed shaking his head vigorously.

It might be his frustration he effused on me, but he does not know it hit me here, right through my heart. "Now get your limbs on working… I am heck tired. You have already ruined my day!"… He hissed moving further. "Now come on in."… Holding my wrist he trawled me along.

Again another badge of hot tears tanked my eyes, I did not dare to look let them fall down. But still his words echo as if he was continuously saying them. Just as we were near his room, he let go of my hand and dashed in leaving me on the door.

"Congratulations, he hurt you third time in the day."

My heart mocked.


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