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8. Let's play some game

Let's play some game

I was in the room alone. Afternoon's blazing sun was overhead, Raven has got a call and left for some important meeting immediately. I attempted to ask him what was the matter notwithstanding he only said, "I will tell you everything once I am back, trust me. There are so many things I want to discuss with you." And left not before giving on my neck a feathery kiss.

And guess what, I was alone in the entire bungalow with Girard. I begged him to not go, I was sure his brother would do something to me once Raven will leave. And that was why I locked the door, to be on the safer side I placed a table across the same to take every possible measure to keep him away from me.

As for now, I was on the bed in my gown with folded legs, I have had curled my hairs into a bun and washed my face. Wearing make up has always been a concern for me. It bothers me, what if acne and rashes appears on my face if I keep it on got too long! I am a simple and Indian beauty type of girl. I never wore make up in college as well except on functions.

Uhh, that was the reason why Raven proposed me. I was… Different. Those says were heavenly beautiful!

Nevertheless, I have got some scars as well. Not some but a lot… If a try to make a line of it then surely it would cover the earth for a thousand times. Raven was good… Very good in the beginning. He would care, love and make me happy. But over the years, as we further went ahead with the last year… He changed.

He changed badly. As though the old Raven I knew was replaced with a new kind one. And I hated that… Well no, I never hated him and never will! He was the first person in my life who I can call my family. Coming from an orphanage where I have to frequently face bullying, I was scared of seeing people.

You can say I have had cut myself from this world to stay unharmed. Because every second person in my life hurt me. I don't know why, maybe because I can't fight back. May be because I am stupid… Or may be because I am lenient and not extra clever like other girls!

Yeah… That could be the reason. Even Raven himself said that once. It's been three months to our relationship, but the only problem was… I did not let him kiss me. I was— nervous. I have had seen people kissing but never have been kissed. Well he never said that but I could feel it. And situation worsened when his friends made fun of him that his girlfriend (Me) was a lesbian that was why I was not letting him kiss me. He was kind of pissed off that night until… I gave him away my first kiss.

Well for me… His happiness was more important. His smile, his mood… All of him. I was scared to lose him… I could not even think about it. But now I am happy… Not really in the sense, but I am. I got to marry the guy I love. Agreed it is for some purpose… I know Raven, and I am okay if it is a contract marriage. If it allows me to stay near him… Be it.

His leave had a great impact on my life. Neither could I cry nor could I smile. It was as if… Along with his departure my emotions left my body. I could not feel the same zeal and excitement I would otherwise have around Raven. These years of separation had me sick. Mentally sick. I was though alive… But never as myself. Just a living body who could breathe, eat and work for a living.

Yeah, the start of our new life as a couple was not so good but I hope it will be from the next day.

Sometime later…

Hmm, reading magazine is fun. You get to get a lot if information about the new launched products, which heroine is more in demand who is dating whom and so on. My life too is not so good as an individual… But at least it is better than these celebrities who are surrounded with heck of controversies.

I don't know how do they even manage to breathe having so many cameras around them?

"Kiara!!!"… My mind sent alert messages to my body and eventually I was scared to realize who it was calling! "Eh open the door. Come out let's play some game, I am bored."… My eyes popped out of their sockets hearing Girard speak.

Games! He is bored! Me!

No it was not giving me good feeling at all. And I know by game here it means me, and he will bully me again. So I simply sat on the bed keeping aside my anxiety, why! Dude, you forgot I have secured the lock on the door. I need not worry about it. "Are you deaf! I am talking to you! Now Don not pretend as if you can't hear me. I know you are in there and probably reading some stupid magazine."

What the!!! I looked around in the room, is there any hidden camera in the room that enables him to see me? No this can't happen. I quickly got down the bed looking after everything, especially the flower pots to look for some device when I heard his voice again. "You dumb woman stop looking for cameras in the room… Open the door."… I stilled in my place.

"Then how did you know I am reading magazine."… I stirred. "No I ain't going to believe you." And I continued to search.

"Shit. Come on Kiara… You are too predictable. I could possibly tell you what you would do at a point of time. I know you inside out."… He said, his voice sounding playful. "And Kiara you are too innocent that anyone can fool you easily. And guess was that is why I suggested Raven to chose you for this plan."

Wait! What?


Girard surely was sounding different. I immediately unlatched the door only to find him leaning against a wall beside the door. "What kind of plan. What do you mean by suggesting me to choose?" I asked. Now I was starting to doubt the two brothers.

Really everything happened so quickly that I could not make a chance to ask Raven why he wished to marry me. He just stopped by my door after years and proposed me to marry him.

My eyes scanned his posture it was different from what he sounded earlier.

And from nowhere he laughed. "ohh Kiara, you did not even change a bit. I can fool you even now taking Raven's name. My brother is your weakness."… I looked down, he is correct. Raven is my weakness…. I love him too much that I cannot let him go.

"Ohh, you are right. But, for a second… It felt like you were serious!"… I said putting a stop to his laughter.

We stared each other for a second until, "Huh!" I gasped having him clutch my arm tightly while glaring me hard.

"Why were you not opening the door???"

Shit! I am gone now.


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