Summer Therapy Session

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Nix and Becka have been friends since they were little. They did practically everything together, including always finding the wrong relationships to get into. So when they both find themselves single once again, with about a month worth of time off from work they accept an offer for the best summer vacation ever. Who knew that getting away to the beach could be exactly the type of therapy session they need. Wes and Brian were brothers who had just inherited an incredible beach house set right on the ocean line. They decided what better way to, honor their grandparents' memory then to spend their summer at the beach having fun. They had no idea they were about to cross paths with destiny. What will the beach unfold for these four individuals? Will Nix and Becka finally meet their Mister Rights? Will Wes and Brian finally learn the magic of the beach house that their grandparents had always spoke of? Find out in the chapters to follow as Nix, Becca, Wes and Brian spend a summer together full of erotic romance and plain old sexual fun. Summer will surely heat up on the beach for these four. All rights reserved ©️

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Introduction ~ Character Background

Nix was every bit the goddess she was named after. At about 5'4" her golden tanned skin glistened in any type of lighting. Her long legs attached perfectly to the heart shaped tight ass she had worked hard to keep, right on up to her perfect hips, soft curves and voluptuous DD breasts. Her long auburn hair flowed beautifully around her oval face. Her perfectly arched brows accented her piercing green eyes and her smile could light up a room.

Becca was the perfect blonde contrast to Nix. Although she stood about 5'5" her pale skin only tanned when she used self tanning lotion for a base, but her beautiful blonde hair made her crystal blue eyes pop in any setting. Her thin silky legs ran up into her A shaped butt, slender hips and defined mid-section. Her size D breasts also didn't leave much to the imagination in most of the clothes she wore.


Wes was about 5'10" with a defined muscular build. You could take one look at him and tell he worked out daily. His caramel skin tone accented every inch of his muscular body. His deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle when he smiled and his hard features softened so sweetly with each smile he gave. He wore fitted tailored shirts that rounded over his muscles and fit him perfectly. He was deliciously handsome with short dark hair and well-endowed.

Brian was much like his brother, standing about 5'10" as well with as much a defined muscular build as Wes. His light brown eyes were awe-inspiring and his fine sculpted features were sexy to say the least. His chiseled jaw line was alluring and he was a stunning man. His dark hair was worn with blonde/brown frosted tips with a tattoo down his one arm, and he was always seen with a smile.


***Nix's View***

Becca come crashing into my office slamming the door behind her.

Nix, Nix, we are taking the next month off from work. She practically yelled at me.

What do you mean, we can't possibly.. I started to say as she cut me off,

Listen, they are remodeling and running a skeleton crew. James said that you and I should just use our built up vacation and he handed me the keys to his beach house and told us to have fun. She finished saying.

His 'beach house' I said looking at her with wide eyes. I could not believe that the big boss was lending us his beach house for a whole month.

Yea she replied, and he said it should be a relaxing month for us, 'which you need'.. his words not mine, but oh so true. He told me the old lady that lives next door passed away a year ago and no one has been to the place since and that is the only house even close to his.

Wow Becca this is amazing! I replied, when can we leave?

Soon as the day ends the weekend begins and so does our month long vaca.. woop woop. She called out with enthusiasm.

As Becca left my office I sat back in my chair thinking about how wonderful it will be to take a break, and for an entire month. A few minutes later James walked in and closed the door behind him.

Hey Nix he said casually.

Hey James, thanks for letting us use your beach house. I started to say.

You are most welcome James replied, but I just want you to know too that part of the reason for this is that there is going to be cut-backs and since you and Becca are safe I just didn't want you guys to have to face the turmoil that is bound to arise. Plus I know you two have been a bit stressed lately between work and home. So please, go have fun, and relax.

Thanks James, we both really appreciate that. I said as he left my office.

As soon as the clock hit 5 we ran out of the office and headed to our house to pack. We didn't need much, a few outfits to go out in, pjs and swimsuits. We didn't think we would be doing much more then hanging out on the beach anyway. 'Wow' I thought to myself, an entire month of doing pretty much nothing, this is great.

You almost ready to go? Becca called from the front of the house.

We had decided to waste no time and were driving out Friday night as soon as we could pack and go.

Ya, I'll be right there. Meet you at the car. I replied.

We started out on the long road trip to Ocracoke Beach, North Carolina. We had about 10 hrs to drive, but knew it would be well worth it.

When we arrived at the house the sun was just beginning to come up and we both stood there in awe at the place. It was incredible. There was a large wooden front porch that lead to the grand entrance into the rustic, yet modern styled home. The entire front of the house was glass windows and the accents of wood and brick gave it a beautiful charm. After entering the house we could see that the back also was all glass and had a beautiful view of the ocean set out just past our own semi-private beach.

We unpacked our things and as we were grabbing our final items we watched as a car drove up to the house next door.

Becca and I just stood there watching as these two god-like men stepped out of the sporty convertible they arrived in when suddenly I realized..

Wes is that you? I called out.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Wes was a childhood friend of mine that I had not seen in years. I had always had a crush on him, and seeing him now just sparked that old flame alive. I looked him over and bit my lip. He was incredibly sexy and as he slowly walked over smiling at me, no shirt on so I could see every crease of his perfect body, I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about how much I would love to have that man naked.

Becca was standing there staring at Brian, she had always wanted that man and from the look on her face I could tell that had not changed.

What a break we caught here... the house that was pretty much never used, just happens to become inhabited on the same day we arrive and by none other then two fucking Greek gods from our past.

***Wes' View***

It was Friday night and Brian and I had both just finished yet another fight with our girlfriends. We were at the point that we were so tired of this every other day arguments we weren't even sure they would last much longer.

We ended on a good note with them, finally, and eventually began to pack for our summer trip.

It was hard for the girls to accept, but they finally acknowledged it was something we needed to do as brothers and that maybe the time apart would help the relationships.

We headed out, saying good-bye to the girls. They couldn't have come even if they wanted to because they couldn't get the time off from their respective jobs. Which was perfectly fine with us, since the relationships had been anything but fun as of late.

We had decided to ship most of our things so that we could enjoy the nice long trip in my new convertible.

Road trip time. Brian yelled out as we drove away.

Way to go bro, I said, that is sure to make them feel confident they can trust us.

Brian just laughed, but I knew what he was thinking, 'there wasn't anything that would help to make them trust us', which was actually more than half the trouble with the relationships.

I had gotten the entire 'what if you meet some hot girl in a bikini' talk, but the way I saw it was if I met someone that made me want to stray then I knew the relationship was not right. She didn't quite see it that way, but ultimately had to accept we were going whether they liked it or not.

Our grandmother had passed about a year ago and left us the beach house. No one had been to it since, mostly because we didn't have time to go. Finally we decided that we not only needed the time to think and relax, but that it was due time to go check the place out and start using it, after all, gram would not want us to just leave it sitting there.

'You boys are young, and it's a semi-private beach', I could hear her saying now. 'Go have fun, skinny dip and fuck, that's what young men your age should be doing'.

That was probably one of the last conversations we had with our grandmother, but surely it was one I would always remember. Our grandmother was not shy about anything but it was still funny to hear her tell us to go fuck.

We arrived at the beach house shortly after the sun had started to rise. As we pulled up I noticed a car at the place next door.

I didn't think anyone would be here, I said to Brian.

Me either, he replied, it's still kind of early in the season.

Just then we looked up and saw them, two of what appeared to be goddesses walking out of the front door. Their laughs were like music, and then I heard her call out:

Wes is that you?

I blinked to clear my vision and looked again and then I realized that one of the goddesses in front of me was Nix, my high school crush. Okay, crush is a bit of an understatement. To be honest, I can't tell you how many wet dreams I had about that girl, or how many times I jacked off in the bathroom to her social media pictures of her in a bikini. Fuck, she was even hotter now.

Oh hey there, Nix, right? I tried to sound causal as I replied but really, all I could think was I want to fuck her brains out.

Brian and I walked over to greet the ladies. I grabbed for my shirt, which I had left in the car, but then dropped it back on the seat. I wanted her to see my body, to look me over and want me as much as I wanted her.

I looked over at Brian and I could see the same look on his face as he watched Becca. This certainly was going to be a fun summer.


Will Wes and Brian find real love and leave their girlfriends at home for their old high school flames? Or will Nix and Becca once again get involved with the wrong guys and walk away from their summer break heartbroken? Keep watching for new chapters to be added to find out what steamy events will transpire and whether these four will end up as couples or just a summer fling.

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