The Alphas Kitten

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Cedric was a lone wolf Well.....actually a lone Kitten. He was born into a world where shifters are the norm and humans were the rare. The world of shifters was a confusing one as there were many kinds. The most common being a wolf and the rare being a lion. Cedric was a house cat, one of the lowest ranking shifters in the hierarchy. Hierarchy looks like this: Top: Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Bears Middle: Wolves, Apes, Foxes, Dolphins Low: Birds, Cats, Rats, Bunny's Although he was a low ranking shifter, Cedric didn't mind. He liked who he was and wasn't scared to show it. But what Cedric doesn't know is his life is about to change, for better or worse he will have to find out. Note!: (there are no squirrel, deer, fish, or any other animal shifters that the wolves and such eat. For instance, if the wolves go hunt and come back with a dead deer, there’s no mortified deer shifters anywhere to be found)

Romance / Mystery
Ryan Duke
Age Rating:


'budum' 'budum' 'budum'

My heart was pounding in my ears, my body ached and waves of pain flooded through my joints like fire. My chest burned with want for regular air flow, begging my body to just stop for one second. My legs felt like they would buckle with each step and my stomach twisted with fear. But I had to keep going, if I could just get to neutral territory I'd be safe.


Something I haven't felt for the past few days of travel for food. I managed to catch a few fish in the pond, it wasn't much but it was better then nothing. The only bad thing was that the pond was not only a few miles away from neutral territory (where I live) but to get there I had to cross wolf lands and to say they were happy about it would be a huge understatement.

Speaking of which, the growls of the wolf guards were loud in my ears. I dared to not look back in fear that they would be as close as they sound. I ran through bushes and around trees, ducking under loose hanging branches when an idea popped in my head. My Cat scolded me for not thinking of this before.

I ran straight towards the nearest tree and climbed like my life depended on it, which it did. Using my claws I was able to climb up the trunk and settle on one of the branches. Hearing a loud thump follow me, I looked below as I catched my breath.

One of the three wolves was shaking their head and whimpering lowly, the other two checking to see if he was ok. He growled and looked up at me before growling some more, I rolled my eyes and licked at my white paws. Pouting, they're dirty. Spoke my Cat, I call him Ariel.

Technically speaking our inner animals don't have names of they're own but I felt he needed one as he has a much different personality then mine.

"You won't get away so easily next time, Cat."

Looking down at the now shifted men below me in shorts I took in their appearance. The one who just spoke had dark brown hair and green eyes along with a small scar just above his chin. I wonder where it came from?

The one to his left had blonde hair and sky blue eyes and looked like he really didn't wanna be here. He didn't have any scars but he did have a line of freckles on his nose. He looked adorable.

Finally the one on the right had light brown hair and brown eyes. No scars or freckles but he did have a tattoo on his collarbone, it looked like a small bird but I couldn't tell. Strange place for it to be.

I would've shifted and asked them to kindly go away and also to explain why I had crossed their territory yet again but I didn't have any clothes. And after what happened the last time I shifted to talk to a different wolf guard, I would never do it again.

The man in the middle with the green eyes spoke,

"You can't stay up there forever, you'll have to leave the tree eventually." He smirked, "And when you do, I'll be here. Waiting."

He then sat down and continued to stare at me. 'I don't like how he's staring at us' Ariel spoke. I chose to ignore him, he didn't like it when anyone looked at us for a long time. I'm not sure why though.

Meanwhile the one wolfs pals looked at each other and the blondey looked hesitant to speak while the other looked uninterested and quite frankly bored.

Brown eyes sighed "Look man, if you want to stay out here and stare at a kitten in a tree, be my guest. But me and Cole aren't skipping dinner to sit out here with you for hours on end."

The one sitting growled lowly, "Do what you want Trace, but I'm not moving."

Trace rolled his eyes, "Come on Gabe, are you really gonna sit there and stare at the cat all day long?" Gabe nodded.

Trace just shook his head and motioned for Cole to follow him as he left. Once they were gone, I stood up and stretched. Gabe raised an eyebrow and stood up as well, "getting up already? I thought it would've taken longer then a few minutes to lure a Cat out of a tree." He laughed darkly and I just kinda looked at him, he looked tired.

Putting aside the fact that he was a little creepy, You could tell he had bags under his eyes from staying up all night and patrolling the land. I kinda felt bad for him. I didnt like causing trouble for the wolves, I know he is just doing his job. But I needed food and I had to cross over the land to get it. I would explain this if I had clothes but something tells me that even if I did, he wouldn't care.

While watching where I was stepping, I started to jump from each tree branch to another. Slowly but surely making my way to neutral territory through the trees. Gabe looked surprised but that slowly turned to anger. He looked like he wanted to cuss me out but instead he just silently followed me to the edge of his territory. Once I was pass the line, I jumped down and turned to look at him.

He glared at me and growled, "I better not catch you on this land again Cat. If I do you won't be dealing with me but with the Alpha, and we both know how he is." I gulped.

The Alpha of that land is Evan Jacobs. He's known to be cruel and sadistic when it comes to trespassers. Rumor has it a bunny shifter once accidentally crossed his land and he decapitated him and then ate him.

Seeing that I was clearly shaken by that thought, Gabe smirked and then shifted before running back.

'Don't worry Cedric, that alpha won't be catching us anytime soon'

'How can you be so sure of that Ariel?"

'Just trust me.' He said and then cut our communication off. I rolled my eyes before trotting over to the hole in this big tree trunk that I called home. I curled up still in my cat form and started cleaning my white fur.

Then I fell asleep.

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