Beyond the Sky

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While the parents are away grandma will play. With her granddaughters love life at least. In 5 years it will be Skys turn to take on the throne with a supporting king by her side. Scarlet and Dalton are in no rush to speed up the process of finding her a husband in time and neither is Sky. Her only worries are passing a queens etiquette class, finding the perfect spot for her art, and hiding from her Nana to do it. But to keep her new sweet spot she may have to fight for it against the worst guy in town or as much town as she's allowed to see without an entourage. But will she be able to concentrate with this mysterious stranger, with an Alpha male persona, watching her every move? 124 Dutchess lane isn't just home to the royal palace but also the L.A.D. - Land of Dreams. Growing up without parents made Bax mature a little quicker than others but it also made him stronger. No one pushed him around or dared cross his path without giving him the respect he deserved. Bax and his gang might have been known around the block as bad people but we're far from it. The L.A.D. was formed to help people. If you were kicked out of the system, like Bax, or just need a place to crash for a night or two the L.A.D.'s door was always open. Literally - we need a new door, all donations accepted. Yes the L.A.D. was open to all but everyone knew that newcomers still needed to check in with Bax

Romance / Drama
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A Note

Hello, Inkitt Nation. After some thinking, I have decided to continue the One Night Only story. I’ve been gone for a long while for school but this story has still been close to my heart. Though I hate the pandemic has changed all our lives so drastically, I am happy to see that it has given everyone the time to relax with a book and discover new worlds. I am so happy that so many of you decided to read my first book, One Night Only, which I started so many years ago. Hopefully, this sequel to the story fulfills your every wish for the royal Hathaway family. So sit back, relax, and bear with me as I start my new job, take my board exam, and try my best to bring you a new chapter every two weeks. Remember to vote if you like the chapter. Comment often so I know what you all love about the book so far. It truly guides where I take the story. Share with your friends and family.

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