Book One: Reverse

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Many mystical creature roam the earth. All have vampires, wolves, sirens. Near the end of the world, there is a kingdom of powerful wolves with a soon-to-be Alpha King. Roman SinClair. His mate, who he thinks is human, so happens to possess a power worth killing millions over. The power to control time itself.

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"I find it to be useless actually, being a werewolf."

Roman, being Roman, was clearly upset as they had awoken him from his deep slumber. He stormed down the hallways of gold as each guard trembled, feeling the anger radiating off the king.

He slammed the doors open to the throne room and saw many officials all huddled in a corner, whispering. Guards stood at every open spot with their hand's whitening, gripping onto their spears.

"The meaning of my presence?"

Roman calls their attention.

"Sire," the officials' bow, "we would have waited if the matter hadn't been so serious-"

"Get on with it then," Roman shouted causing the walls to shake.

Just then, the doors open and four guards pull onto the chains attach to a person's neck, their face hooded. Roman couldn't deny as the smell of the figure had enchanted him, the scent of a small coffee shop down the corner.

'Mate.' His wolf, Levi, had growled.

"Remove the hood," Roman commanded but the guards didn't move.

"We cannot, sire, for your safety."

Roman stares down at the officials before another door is open and in comes his parents. He hadn't known they were in the palace. Victoria, his mother, is a small petite woman with high-class cheekbones. Her golden hair was wrapped into a messy bun as she had been asleep.

His father, Lucious, builds bigger than Roman with ink covering every part of his arms and some of his chest. His hair is messy with waves as, he too, was asleep.

"The meaning of this," Lucious held his wife close, both Lucious and Roman now angrier as Victoria was awoken. The officials hope to not awaken the princess, Isabella. God forbid they woke up Roman's older sister.

"This woman appeared out of thin air and when we tried to question her, her eyes lit and froze a guard in his place!"

"He deserved it," the hooded figure tries to fight the chains but the guards kept her on hold, "he tried to kill me!"

Levi and Roman growled at the thought of his mate dying. Roman would never admit that it did cause him to go sad, the thought of her dying.

"If we remove your hood do you swear to not use your abilities," Roman spoke.

The hooded figure, not being a wolf, found comfort, and trusted the voice. She didn't know why but she soon nodded, "yes."

King Roman nods and one of the guards removes her hood. Her face shown and if there weren't so many bodies in the room, Roman would have taken her into his arms.

She, as well, is a small petite girl but you could see the muscles built in her arms and since she had worn a bra and tights, you could see the abs she had built up.

'Our mate is strong,' Levi smirks.

Her eyes held a natural dark circle around them which complimented her face. Her cheekbones had some class to them with her eyebrows in perfect shape. Her hair is cut short of her neck with curls.


This one is wild.

"Your name," Roman spoke.


Vita took a good look at the king. His jawline sharp and with no shirt, he has a strong and detailed build. Ink only covered one of his arms with flowers, a space in the middle. His black hair is wavy but it looks so hot when messy.

"How did you appear out of thin air, Vita."

She shuddered as her name rolled off his tongue.

"That's a secret, your highness."

Roman raised a brow, "there are no secrets kept from your king."

"You aren't my king," she smirks but it soon faded as her hair was being gripped by one of the guards.

"Let her go!"

Her hair was soon released, "where do you come from?"

"Many places. I was born in Italy, though."

Roman nods and looks to his mother. She knows exactly what is going on with this scene and she nods.

"Guards, release her. Officials, leave the room. Oh, and don't make me ask twice."

Hesitantly, the guards release the woman and she groans in satisfaction of being free. The officials take a hard look at the girl but, feeling cocky, "seems with the look you are giving me you want to suffer the same fate as the man outside?"

The officials left the room, tripping on their feet and Vita giggled. Roman smiles to the sound and that is when it all clicked for Lucious.

"You're his mate?"

Victoria slaps her husband's shoulder, "you idiot! Why else would he ask her to be released? Come on, we must leave them."

Roman rolls his eyes to his parent's teenage love as they leave the room.

"Your mate? Sorry, your highness, but don't really...want that."

"I wasn't giving you an option, love," Roman smirks, loving the girl's boldness.

She walks around the throne room, admiring the pieces of craft, "ask me again."

Roman doesn't quite know until his wolf reminds him, "how did you freeze our guard?"

"Do you know the cost of that question?"

Roman sits on his throne, tired of standing. He tries to read the girl but of course, the moon goddess had to give him one that wasn't too readable. Vita could tell Roman was trying to read the girl and she smiles at his courage.

"You won't get anything out of me," she chuckles, "my walls are built too high."

"What is the cost of your question?"

She stops and looks to him, her eyes, a beautiful hazel color. A sun shining through the coffee shop scent down the corner.

Vita walks up to Roman and she stands right in front of him. His arms begging to be reached out so he could grab onto his mate. His vision becoming blurry as we wanted nothing but to roam his hands around her, to hold her.

β€˜This mate bond is strong,' Levi huffs, 'but then again, it's fun seeing you whimper for something.'

β€˜Shut it,' growls Roman.

Vita chuckles, "I see your wolf is teasing."

"He does it too often but please, love," he places one of his hands on her waist and he takes it as a win when she doesn't push him off, "answer me?"

Even when not a wolf the mate bond still has its effects. Vita wasn't liking it but being this close she was ready to risk it all, "death."

Roman's eyes widen at her answer, "death is the cost of your question which is why I must sadly ask you to reject me, to let me go."

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