Toxic You

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Avery Betts is a teenager and lived a pretty normal life until her brother returns home from college for summer break and brings along a friend with him Stefan Wits was a troubled man with many secrets. He was dangerous to Avery and anyone else around him yet she was intrigued by him. However she didn’t know how toxic he could be.

Romance / Humor
Tashai Davis
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Chapter 1

My sleep was rudely interrupted by a knocking on my door.

I groaned in annoyance and rolled over to my side while placing a pillow over my head to muffle for the sound.

“Go away.” I groaned.

“Avery, get you your brother is almost here and you’re not even dress.” I heard my mother’s muffler voice say.

“What does it matter if I’m dressed or not?” I said.

Max, my older brother, has seen me in my pj’s a million times I didn’t understand why my mother was making a big deal about it now.

“We’re going to take picture of course.” She said.

I groaned I had almost forgotten that my mother was a famous actress/fashion designer and needed to take pictures of everything to keep her fans updated.

“I’ll be down in a sec.” I called out.

I waited until I heard her footsteps walk away before I got out of bed and headed for my bathroom.

I had to admit that I was more than excited for Max to be retuning home for summer break. It had sucked being the only child in the house especially when my father was off on his business trips and my mother was gone for months working on a movie. I was bored and alone and often found myself inviting my best friend, Leah over to keep me company.

But I wouldn’t have to stay in this house for long . I had just graduated High School and would be going off to Yale and majoring in English. I was happy for that at lest it was the only thing I was looking forward to this whole summer.

I took a nice shower before getting out and brushing my teeth. I then brushed and blow dryer my light brown hair before putting it into a neat bun.

I looked at my yellow-green eyes and saw bags under them and knew my mother would kill me if I didn’t cover them up so I grabbed my make up bag and went to work.

Once I was done with my make up I walked into my closet and decide to go with a simple yellow -fitted dress that was strapless and I paired it with light brown sandals.

I then headed out of my room and headed downstairs which I heard a lot of laughter and I knew that Max was here. I rushed down as fast as I could and was very happy to see Max standing beside my father they seemed to be in a midst of a conversation but I didn’t care.

“Max!” I said.

“Av Av!” He used my nickname as he opened up his arms for me. I ran over to hug him and he laughed.

“I’ve been so bored without you.” I said as I took a seto back to look up at him.

Max looked a little older than the last time I saw him but I figured that it was just College taking it’s toll on him. Max and I had a lot of similar feature we bother had light brown hair, yellow-green eyes and high cheek bones.

However he had inherited my father’s height and towers over me while I was stuck with my mother’s shortness and stood only at 5’3.

“I’ve been bored without you too.” He said and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Avery we have a guest.” My mother said as she walked into the room.

Her grey hair was now in a nice bun ontop of her head and she was wearing a pale pink dress. Her blue eyes popped more from the makeup she had on and she didn’t look a day over 40.

“Who?” I asked and just as I did a tall muscular guy walked into the room.

When I say he was tall I mean tall he was taller than Max who stood 5’11 so I assumed the guy that stood before me was 6’3 at lest.

He had hazel eyes that were hidden under long eyelashes. His hair was jack black and a little messy but it still looked good on him. One of his arms had a tatto sleeve and it only made me notice his defined muscles more. He had a slight beard which made him seem more mature and sexy to me. He was wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans but the way he looked I would’ve thought that he was a model.

“Oh.” I said

“Avery this is Stefan, he’s my friend I met him Down at UCLA” Max explained.

I looked over at the stranger and felt my legs shake slightly when his eyes locked with mine.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” his voice filled the room and sounded like music to my ears. He offered me his hand I took it hesitantly and allowed for him to shake it.

“He’s going to be staying with us for the summer.” My mother said eagerly.

I looked up at the Stefan and he was smirking knowingly at me I pulled my hand away and took a step back so that I could breath properly.

“Now let’s go take pictures!” My said as she clapped her hands together.

All of us let out an annoyed groaned besides Stefan as she rushed us outside to the back patio.

She basically forced Stefan to take the picture while we all stood in our poses with a fake smile plaster over our faces. After that she made Max and I take a few together. Stefan stood off the the side watching me with hooded eyes I tried my best to ignore him as I took the pictures but I knew I was blushing.

When my mother was finally done making us take pictures she allowed for us to wonder off while she went upstairs into her study to edit the pictures so that we all looked “perfect”.

I was ready to return to my room when Max stopped me.

“Do you want to watch movies with us? I’ll make popcorn.” He asked.

If I told him no that would be rude so I just simply nodded my head before walking over to the couch and plopping down on it. Stefan sat on the armchair by himself and he was silent as he strolled through the movies trying to pick one.

“Soo...” I began “How did you meet my brother?” I asked.

“Football of course, I tackled him once during practice and he acted like I had broken his rib.” Stefan said.

“That is not true!” Max said as he walked into the room with a vowel of popcorn.

“Yeah right, you went crying to the coach.” Stefan said as he rolled his eyes.

“That’s because we didn’t have any equipment on. “ Max defended.

Stefan just nodded his head before laughing and I joined in. Max flipper both of us off before sitting back in his seat.

Stefan finally decide on a movie and while I was trying my best to keep my eyes open I had failed miserable and had eventually ended up falling asleep on Max’s shoulder.

When I awoke Max was gone and so was Stefan. I got off the couch and stretched my limbs before headed up to my room.

I was just about to open the door when I felt something brush my bottom.

I turned to find Stefan behind me and he was dangerously close, so close that his area was rubbing against my ass.

“S-Stefan?” I said.

He purred in my ear before slowly dragging his hand down my arm and back up. The touch was so light that it left goosebumps in its wake.

“Oh, we’re going to have so much fun.” He whispered in my ear before backing away and walking down the hall.

What the fuck.

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