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Alec is a bold, arrogant, heartless man. his presence screams power and authority. everyone fears this man. the moment he walks in the halls everyone goes silent. in fear of what he might do. what happens when a new student arrives? Bella is a shy, timid girl. never knowing how to say the right thing. always having her nose in a book. she’s battling with demons that no one knows about. can Alec help her out?

Romance / Other
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first day


*ding* *ding* my alarm woke me in a startle. i start my new highschool today, which i’m not looking forward too. just the thought of it makes me want to puke. my imagination ran wild as i thought of all the possibilities that could happen. i took a deep breath and turned on the shower, it’s currently 7:15 so i have about an hour to get ready. after my shower i dried my hair and slipped on a pair of black leggings. an oversized grey sweater, and some black converse. i pulled my chestnut brown hair in a low ponytail leaving some peices to frame my face. i grabbed my backpack got my phone, and just when i got at the top of the stairs i stopped. knowing what i would have to face. i sighed, i quickly sped walk toward my front door, just as i was about to grab the door knob a rough hand gripped my elbow.

“where do you think you are going?” my father said through gritted teeth.

“i- i- i have s-school” i gulped. i can barely breath. i’m on the verge of a panic attack. i just hope he will leave me alone.

“jesus your so pathetic!” he scoffed and pushed me into the door and sped off into the kitchen.

i took that moment to run out of the house just as i got to the end of my street i collapsed. i put my hands over my ears in an attempt to soothe the ringing of his voice in my ears. as soon as i calmed down i stood up, feeling a little lightheaded. i suddenly tasted a salty substance.
tears. i didn’t even realize i was crying. i quickly wiped them away and headed towards school. which i was now going to be late too thanks to my father. i don’t have a car because my father doesn’t want to “waste money on me” apparently. which is fine i like walking, it’s the only time i’m somewhat at peace. yet i always find myself peaking over my shoulder. always looking to see if he’s following me. i sighed and walking towards what appeared to be the office doors.

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