Vehement Loving.

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Sensations of touch can go a long way.

Romance / Poetry
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Chapter 1

The way his hand felt in mine, the way it made me feel safe. One hundred bodyguards could never make me feel as protected as he did, the way his thumb would graze along my knuckles continuously. A small sensation that made me feel so warm, yet so wanting. Small actions like these remind me of his loving humor. His smirk, his intentions. His movements so tiny but with a sense of intensity, the smallest things expressing what he wants. What he feels. As cliché as it sounds, he was what I wanted. I wanted to feel him, his slight movements as if they were everlasting, no matter how drastic or minor they were to be. His movements made me feel good just as he did, and I wasn't planning on ever letting him go.

Yeah, yeah, all this lovie-dovie shit is enough to make someone puke. Its true, though! How one person can change your whole entire perspective on the world. How you see others, but more importantly how you see yourself. In their eyes, you're more than something. Not a human or a specific type of species, they see past that. Inside of you- the way you think, the way you say things, how you present yourself. Easy enough to notice when being with someone, the little actions in life being much more than something as small as you think it is.

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