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Avert Williams was only 16 when she heard something that would change her life. From deaths to boy drama to being a teen mom Avery has had a terrible life but all of that is about to change. If you like a story that’s romantic but has a lot of drama this is for you.

Romance / Mystery
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Hi I’m Avery Williams, I’ve never been this happy, goody-two-shoes girl. I’ve always been some baddie that got all the guys that only had a few friends who were just like me. I hated my life, but only because of the one person I hated most, my mom. She was a normal mom. Well at least to my sister, Rory, before she was gone. My sister got everything she wanted and I got nothing except being bullied by my own mother. When my sister left my mom became an alcoholic and everything got worse. My mom was hardly ever home and when she was I’d just get yelled at for everything and I’d get hurt. Not just mentally, but physically too.

I’m so glad I’m like this now tho I mean without what happened I would never be happy and I’d still be a baddie. I could tell you what happened, but it’s better if I were to start from the beginning. That’s for later tho right now we are talking about everything else that’s led up to me being the school baddie. My dad well I don’t even know where he is nor do I care if he’s even on this earth, he left before I was even born so I never got to meet him, but I always wonder that if I had a dad if things would be different and I wouldn’t have been treated badly. But that I’ll never know. Ever again.

I’ve only ever seen pictures of my dad. I had his chestnut brown hair and emerald green eyes. If he were here, anyone could be able to tell that we were father and daughter. It was like I was the girl version of him. Too bad he will never know. Unless he does. But we all have secrets that we aren’t ready to share.

Before I became the goody-two-shoes I am now, I used to get terrible grades. I never really cared about that stuff, I never really cared about what friends I had, and I never cared about what my reputation was. I only really cared about myself and how the day would finally come where I never had to see my mom ever again. But that day came sooner than I thought it would, like way sooner. But back to my before life so you can learn everything about me that could possibly ever be needed. When I was little I was a really good kid, I didn’t become some baddie until I met my first boyfriend. Lucas Sinclair.

I didn’t know how bad he was until we had started dating for a bit and I learned all his deepest darkest secrets. I learned all about his past, but I didn’t care, I learned this and for some reason I loved him even more. I wanted to learn more, but at the time I didn’t know why I just wanted to know everything. We stayed together all throughout high school, until I just left him without warning. I couldn’t tell him the reason why even though I really wanted to. I just wanted to say “come with me and we can go somewhere and we can be ourselves.” But I couldn't. I had to leave him for what was going to happen down the road. I knew he would leave me and I wouldn’t have a chance with the only guy I ever loved and the only guy I ever will.

I decided to just give up on love. There was no way I was getting Lucas back so what was the point of trying to find someone. Someone who I can’t tell my past to cause I’ll just end up in jail. Or worse a mental asylum. I always think about him even though he cheated, but we were soulmates which is why I have to make a new life. I would never see Lucas again, I would never stare into his bright blue eyes. I would never run my fingers through his brown curly hair. I would never kiss his soft lips. And I would never have a soft, long, passionate kiss ever again.

I didn’t need him though I wasn’t as happy as I could be. I mean I was very happy with this relationship, but I wanted something more than just doing bad things. We did normal couple stuff tho, but I still wanted more. I wanted a normal relationship and I kinda wanted a new start after what happened with me and my mom. I needed a new start. A new life from my past. I would just end up lying about my past because I can’t go through all of that again. And I would have to lie because people can’t know about this. At all.

Basically there is one more thing you should know about me. This may change your opinion on things later in the story, but everyone is different so who knows. I have had my share of friends through the years. I used to have good friends, we weren’t that close the only time we hung out out of school was to get in trouble or to go party. But we made each other happy which was all I cared about at the time. Now tho, I have great friends. People I never thought I could be friends with. But we love each other and they are the second best thing that has happened to me. Without them who knows what I would’ve gotten myself into. They know I used to be a baddie, that my dad left, and all about my mom, but that’s all they know. They don’t know the rest of my life. Aka the part no one can know.

That’s everything you need to know about me and every trait about me. Except for the part where those traits are not me. That’s just the new me. Even though the old me is still there and won’t be gone for long I just needed an alibi for the time when I…..

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