Changing The Rules

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Lissa McCord is every guys wet dream. Randy Davenport is the star quarterback, and he wants her to belong to him. Little does Randy know, but this quiet, yet spicy, redheaded bookworm is about to change all the rules when it comes to what he knows about sexual dominance and relationships. This short story has 4 main chapters.. one for each year of college, and a bonus informational chapter between Chapters 2 and 3 (Sophomore & Junior years). The chapters are a little longer but as a whole the story is shorter then a full length book. Follow Lissa and Randy as they face each new year of college learning what makes each other tick and venturing into the deep dark secrets of their sexual fantasies together. Does Randy really have what it takes to draw out Lissa's submissive side or will Lissa's dominant nature steal the alpha's heart and change all the rules? Explicit sexual scenes. 18+ All rights reserved ©️

Romance / Erotica
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Freshman Year ~ Background

Freshman year of college would be epic for Randy Davenport. He was the choice quarterback of several colleges, but having always dreamed of college life in California, he chose UCLA.

The first day was bustling with new students and old. Randy's reputation had preceded him and everyone was talking about him and looking at him as he walked the halls. Dude this year is going to rock, his best friend, Edison, said as he punched Randy in the shoulder. Randy looks around at the girls giggling and blushing when they realize he's looking their way. Ya, appears I have my choice of pets. Maybe I'll just keep company with a few for awhile. He says to his friend with a cocky smile. Edison laughs and replies well send the broken hearts my way.

As they walk into their first class Randy pauses as he sees Lissa sitting in the back of the room. She looks up at him and she doesn't swoon, giggle or blush. Her beautiful green eyes look right at him and she appears to be able to see straight into him. He feels himself getting flush and it isn't until Edison literally snaps his fingers in his face that he starts walking to his seat again.

Randy proceeds to the back of the room and takes a chair next to her. Her flaming, bright red hair flows in Soft loose curls around her face. Her tan skin and perfect body defies every reality possible and her perfect lips look so soft he can only imagine how lovely it would be to feel her kiss his body. Edison continues to chatter on about all the girls and party opportunities they are sure to have when he notices Randy isn't paying attention. He follows Randy's glare and sees Lissa sitting there just looking back at Randy, seemingly not phased.

Randy sits down and smiles his most charming smile her way as she looks back to her book. He clears his throat and she looks back at him. He extends his hand, hey I'm Randy. I'm the new quarterback. She continues to look at him without expression. Edison chuckles at the display before him and Randy smacks him in the head. Ow dude what the.. but Randy is back to looking hopefully at this mysterious redhead. Lissa gives him a tilt of her head and in a sassy yet sensual tone says, I know who you are. The WHOLE school knows who you are. Then she turns back to her book.

Edison laughs again and Randy punches him. Ouch, damn. Would you stop that shit. Randy gives him a look as if to say 'what the hell just happened.' Edison looks over at Lissa and back to Randy and whispers to him looks like you met your match man. Forget about her, you have your choice of girls in this entire place. But Randy couldn't help himself. He could tell she was every guys wet dream and he wanted her to belong to him. He HAD to have her to call his own.

When class was over he looked at her as she stood up and collected her books. She must be all of about 5'2, slender and tan from head to toe. So you got a name? He asked. Of course I do, she replied in that same sassy, seductive tone. You gonna tell me he asks. Lissa looks at Edison and back at Randy. She could see why everyone was making such a fuss. He stood about 6'10 and was pure muscle. His naturally light caramel skin tone was highlighted by his brown hair that flowed into a golden light brown to dark blond. His deep brown eyes seem to sparkle when he smiled and his smile was so sweet it could melt butter. She continued to look deep into him, expressionless, and replied if you want it bad enough, I'm sure you will find a way to figure it out. And then she proceeded out of class with an air about her that made him want her even more.

Edison walks up and lifts Randy's chin up to close his mouth as he looks at his buddy and says man you got it bad dude. That girl has you by the balls. Randy looks at Edison who is laughing as they walk out of the room shut up asshole. I need to figure out how to find out her name. Edison laughs again, man you must have complete tunnel vision around her. Its Lissa. Dumb ass, it was right on her necklace. Randy looks at his friend trying to figure out how he missed that. As they walk through the halls one of the sorority girls walks up hey Randy. There's a big beach party tonight with a bonfire and all. You guys coming? He looks at her with a blank face um ya sure. We'll be there. He didn't even ask her name but nonetheless as he and Edison walked away she returns to her friends and the girls begin to giggle. Randy just rolled his eyes and sighed, completely uninterested.

Edison went off the other direction to his next class as Randy proceeded to his. As he walked into the room there she was again, sitting in the back, her nose in her book. Feeling a bit more sure of himself he walks back and sits next to her again. Hey Lissa, looks like we are together in this class too. She gives him a coy little smirk and in that classic sweet, seductive voice says guess you really wanted it bad. Thrown off guard a bit Randy looks at her speechless. My name Randy. Apparently you wanted my name pretty bad seeing as it didn't even take you a whole class period to get it. He smiles softly at her and she watches his features as he looks her over. She knew he could have any girl he wanted and she knew she already had caught his fancy, but did he really, truly have what it took to capture her heart, and could he honestly handle a girl like her.

When class ended she grabbed up her things and then leaned over her desk close to him, her voluptuous breasts held tight by her top, exposing a perfect cleavage, and she whispers so only he could hear, I'll see you around Randy. Don't miss me too much. Then she shot him a flirty smile as she walked out the door leaving him sitting there once again speechless.

It didn't take long before he realized he was sitting there alone and he grabs up his things and heads back to his dorm. He had the rest of that day open and needed to go pull himself together. Never before had he ever had trouble around a girl, but this girl, she had his attention and no one else seemed to matter. Edison walked into the room so how did your second class go? SHE was there.. oh my god I actually miss her and I hardly fucking know her. Randy started ranting as Edison laughed. Dude this beach party tonight is just what you need.

Edison was pretty certain that going to a beach party bonfire would surely help Randy get past this Lissa obsession. I mean certainly when he saw all the other girls he could be with he would find someone, or maybe two or three someones, that would catch his fancy there. The two of them got ready to go party and headed out. Randy's head was still swimming with thoughts of Lissa. He just couldn't shake that feeling. He desired her. He wanted her. He NEEDED her.

As they arrived to the beach he instantly spotted her red hair across the way. Oh damn, she's here. Edison looks at his friend. Man get a grip, it's just a girl. Randy looks at him no man she's not JUST a girl, she is THE girl. Randy takes a deep breath thinking to himself 'my god what is this girl doing to me'. They walk over to the bunch of people by the bonfire. Lissa almost appears to not really be part of any group yet still part of every group.

The same girl who had invited them walks over, practically bouncing, hey Randy. So glad you could come. I'm Olivia, who's your friend? But Randy's attention had drifted across the sand already and he wasn't really listening, but just watching Lissa. She wore a white bikini that showed off her tan, with this cute little wrap around skit that was somewhat transparent, accenting her shapely legs. Her hair pulled loosely into a ponytail and her bare skin glistened in the setting sun. Her smile was contagious and all he could do was watch and wish he could pull her close and kiss her.

Edison looks at Olivia, hey I'm Edison, nice to meet you. Olivia followed Randy's stare and realized who he was watching. I see he has noticed Lissa. She says. I hope he realizes she don't date. She studies and excels in school. She is pretty much everywhere all the time and friends with almost everyone, but I've known Lissa my whole life and she never goes out with any guy. No one has ever fit her image of her ideal guy, and she certainly is not into football players. Edison smiles at Olivia ya but it will be fun to watch. Randy has finally met his match.

Randy walks over to where Lissa is. Her smile practically putting him in a trance. She looks at him, smiles softly and says fancy running into you here. We really should stop meeting this way. He smiles back, finally feeling like himself again, his alpha side rearing to explode and steal this girl away from any other suitor, what if I don't want to stop? What if I want to run into you even more? She looks at him and gets this look on her face as if she was reading right into his soul, careful what you wish for. She took in his appearance. He was wearing long white shorts and his varsity UCLA football sweatshirt. His skin radiated off the white and his tall, muscular form made her dominant spirit come alive. She wanted him, but not a single person was able to tell. She played him like a fiddle, and unlike most guys, he seemed to be able to handle the tune so far.

The rest of the evening he kept casually close to her. Her smile could brighten his darkest days, he was certain. When she would get up to go somewhere she would look back at Randy to be sure his eyes were still on her. She knew exactly what she was doing, and he followed her every move. Just after the sun had set she walked off to the shoreline. Randy watched as she walked along the water. She looked back to him and motioned with her finger for him to join her. He looked behind himself to be sure she was referring to him and when he was sure she was he stood up and walked over to her.

What did you think, I was motioning for Edison? She asked him. I didn't know who you might be motioning for, but wasn't sure you really was paying that much attention to me he replied. He walked with her along the water till they reached a little cove. She looked at him and smiled as he watched her intently. Join me? She asks as she takes her suit off and walks slowly into the water. He watches her naked body as she goes into the water. Watcha waiting for, I already gave you an invite she says and he pulls off his clothes and joins her without saying a word.

She couldn't quite figure it out. What was it about him that drew her in. She didn't care for football players much, and really she has never met a man that was willing to explore sexually the things she wanted to, at least not the way she wanted to. But there was something about him. She eased closer to him, running her hands up his chest. Her fingers tracing the outline of his muscles. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. He wanted to kiss her so badly but something told him to wait, let her lead. She watched his eyes as he looked into hers. He seemed to be searching for an answer. She kissed him, her tongue slightly brushing over his lips. To her surprise he let her lead.

She wanted him, more than she had ever wanted anyone. This jock, this choice quarterback, this man who obviously was an alpha, he was perfectly content letting her lead. She leaned in and whispered to him careful, I'm addictive. Randy took a deep breath before replying, I'm already addicted. He was like putty in her hands. Think you can handle me? She asked. All he could manage at first was a nod. I want to hear you say it she tells him, almost as if giving him an order. Yes ma'am, and I will do whatever I need to do to prove it. He replies. She smiles into him and kisses him again I guess time will tell.

They spend a few more minutes in the water before they hear Edison calling for Randy. They get out of the water, put their clothes back on and head back to the group. Where have you two been Edison asks. Just walking the beach Randy replies. He looks over at Lissa and she appears to be shivering. He takes off his sweatshirt and hands it to her. She smiles thank you. Olivia and Edison look at each other with questioning looks as the four of them return to the bonfire. Olivia knows Lissa hardly ever gives any guy the time of day, and Edison has watched all day as she seemed to have been shooting him down left and right.

Olivia looks over at Lissa as if asking her what gives. Lissa just smiles as if to say there's potential here. Olivia grabs Edison's hands and wraps his arms around her. He smiles over at Randy who is sitting next to Lissa. Randy gives him a thumbs up, obviously happy for his friend to have hit it off with someone so easily. Olivia whispers to Edison tell him not to give up, no matter what. Edison smiles and kisses her on the cheek then whispers will do.

Later that night the group starts to disperse. Lissa stops Randy as he begins to walk away don't forget your sweatshirt. He smiles at her keep it he says. Edison looks up suddenly in shock. That was his favorite sweatshirt. It was the shirt the school had given him as a gift when he agreed to go there. ONLY football players got that shirt. He loved that damn thing, and he just gave it to her. Edison shakes his head as they head off to their dorm room dude you REALLY do like this chick. Man, it's more than that. Randy says, I am drawn to her. It's like she is the center of my universe. Like life just began. As if I can really truly breath for the first time ever. And before he could continue Edison interrupts him okay lover boy. Well apparently you made some kind of impression. Randy looks at him curiously. Olivia told me to tell you not to give up no matter what. Randy just smiles I have no intention of it, and then they continue to walk in silence.

Olivia walks up to Lissa when they reach their dorm room, okay what gives girl. I've known you forever and I have NEVER seen you with THAT look in your eye. Lissa glares at her reading her face but giving nothing more in her own look. He's different, he just might be.. well let's just say there's something about him that makes me want to make him mine. Olivia laughs do you hear yourself? You want to own an alpha who just happens to be the hottest new quarterback in the school. Lissa shrugs deep dark desires.. we all have them.

Freshman year continued in much of the same fashion. Olivia and Edison continued to grow closer and officially became a couple a few weeks after the bonfire. Lissa got a job with the athletic department selling tickets at all of the football games, giving her a legitimate excuse to go to them. At the first home game after half-time the ticket booth closed up and she went to the top of the bleachers, burying her nose in her book to study, secretly watching him play. He noticed her right away, she was wearing his sweatshirt. He tapped Edison in the huddle and nodded for him to look up. As he did, Olivia noticed and followed his line of view and saw Lissa. She walked up to see her friend. Well well well, there may be hope for you after all. Lissa just smiled at her I had to work, and now I am finishing studying. Olivia just chuckles as she sits down by her friend. They won their home opener game and afterwards everyone filed into the local Bistro.

Randy took his time after the game. He sent Edison ahead because he was getting impatient and eager to be with Olivia. I'll catch up in a few, he said as he finished up in the locker room. He wanted to make sure he looked good for her, hoping she would actually be at the after party. As he walked out of the locker room he could tell the place was almost empty. As he walked out slowly taking in the view of the empty stadium, relishing in the calm after their win he got this feeling that he was not completely alone. He looked up in the stands and saw Lissa still sitting at the top. He walked up the bleachers, taking two steps at a time and smiled at her fancy meeting you here. We really should stop meeting like this. She laughed and with the sweetest smile he had ever seen she replies what if I don't want to stop. What if I want to keep meeting like this.

It had been almost two months since Randy first met Lissa. He would see her pretty much at every function. They would talk casually, and she would go about her sensual way. Girl after girl would flirt with Randy, try to catch his eye, but he had no interest, none at all, in any of them. SHE was the only one who had his attention, and she saw that to be true over and over. This game, this encounter, was the first she had actually shown any type of interest at all. You coming to the Bistro he asked her. Of course I am she replied nothing beats a UCLA win celebration. Shall I walk with you he asked hopefully. Randy, I would like to talk with you about things. He looked at her a bit surprised. Was she actually making a move here? This was unexpected, but he certainly was not about to complain. He sits down next to her sure, let's talk, I'm in no hurry. She smiled at him, realizing that he really just might be the guy she has been waiting for. No, not right now, I don't want you to miss out on your moment of glory she says. Will you stay by my side tonight? He asks, and then decides to take it up a notch, there really is no glory if I can't have you close. Lissa loops her arm through his and without saying a word they walk together to the Bistro. She still could not put her finger on it, but there really was truly something about this man that made her tick and she was not letting him out of her sight.

Randy and Lissa walked into the Bistro together, arm in arm. Olivia and Edison noticed them first and just stood there smiling as if to say 'it's about damn time'. There were a lot of players and other guys that looked on in total envy, and every girl in the place just had all their hopes of any chance with Randy blown up in their faces. Nothing was official, but they definitely made a statement when they walked through the door.

The rest of freshman year was grand. Lissa attended every football game after the ticket booth closed, but still sat at the top of the stadium pretending to study but all the while watching Randy. Randy always knew she was there and would be sure to be the last one to leave so he could steal a moment alone with her. They attended every function together, but still not officially a couple. Many times they would wander off in opposite directions for a bit, but all the while keeping an eye on each other. Neither of them did anything off color. For all intents and purposes they appeared to be a couple, but not quite yet were. Lissa was always so hard to read, but Randy knew she watched his every move, same as he did hers. There was something about her though that simply drove him crazy and made him yearn for her more and more.

Olivia and Edison grew closer and closer and loved having their two best friends at least hanging out with each other. The four of them seemed inseparable. So, what happens now Olivia asks Lissa. Summer break is coming and you guys aren't even official. What happens if he goes home and meets someone? Then he wasn't the one Lissa replies. Olivia looks at her and realizes the summer is meant to be a test for them. You really like this guy, don't you? Olivia asks. I do, and he truly has proven thus far that he could handle belonging to me. Lissa replies. Then she smiles as she sees Randy approach. Well, I guess I'll see you after summer. Can I call you over the break? He asks. Lissa smiles at him I would like that. Hey Randy, before you go, can I have a word? Edison practically shoves Randy toward her go man, this could be it. Edison never fully understood why Randy never asked Lissa to be his, and all Randy could say was it just .. well it just seems I am suppose to let her call the shots.

Randy and Lissa walk off together and he looks down at her beautiful red hair. Randy, I really want you. Randy smiles and starts to speak but she holds her hand up to stop him. Before you say a word you need to know what I mean by that. She continues. I want you to belong to me. I want to own you! Randy raises a brow as he looks at her in complete fascination and finds himself totally turned on by the realization that she is a dom. He has never met a female dom before and had always been that dominant half of any relationship. Until this moment he had planned to make her his, but now, at this new revelation, he felt himself want to submit to her completely. 'What the hell is going on with me?' he thinks to himself, 'how in the world is she capable of bringing an alpha dom to his knees this way. But damn, I want nothing more than to please her.' I want to be yours he blurts out before realizing it. She glares at him as he pulls her close to him, reading his face. Do you truly understand what I am saying to you Randy? she asks. He kneels in front of her I submit to you Lissa. I belong to you, if you will have me. As he speaks these words he shocks even himself. Lissa looks at this amazing man. This alpha jock that she has spent her entire freshman year close to and realizes that he truly is hers. Please stand up Randy. She pulls him in and kisses him. Nothing is said or made official until we return to school. You show me loyalty and submission through the summer and I will know you not only understand but agree to the terms of what I am saying to you. Randy smiles at her and kisses her trust me, I fully understand and I have never felt this way for anyone. I didn't even know I had it in me to be submissive, but with you.. well with you it is just different.

Randy and Lissa return to their friends. Edison stares at Randy after watching him kneeling a moment ago what was that all about? Oh, nothing, just discussing summer, keeping in touch and such. Randy replies. Edison replies, on your knees? Randy just grins and looks at Lissa. Lissa looks at him and smiles approvingly. They all say their good-byes and head their opposite directions. Olivia looks at Lissa, you really own the hot new quarterback?! Lissa just looks at her and smiles. I told you, deep dark desires.. we all have them. Does he know what he is getting into? Olivia asks. Lissa looks at Randy as he heads off with Edison and then back to Olivia, I honestly think he does. And I think it excites him all the more.

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