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What happens when a girl and boy just happen to stumble across each other and unknowingly fell in love. Ryan who is a notorious lawyer who doesn't believe in love or maybe he doesn't want to stumble across Alicia who thinks that love is all world got and without love this world is nothing. But what will happen when Ryan starts to believe in love but fate has something else planned.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

From Alicia's point of view

"Are you stupid or are you just simply blind" and that's how we met. Maybe both us were stupid or maybe it was fate making us meet up. How I thought that it would be my last meeting with that arrogant asshole but I guess it was fate.

20 years ago (19/1/2019)

Bianca my absolutely beautiful bestfriend well more like sister. Tou see we took her in when she was 14, her parents my family's bestfriend died. I remember being her so devastated well anyone would be if their parents just died and her bestfriend is being an asshole. I remember it all so vividly. My serious boyfriend just broke up with me and I bawled like a baby in front of her without even realizing that she needs it more then me. But even then she didn't leave my side. Anyways, she asked for a favor but little did I know it would be the worst day of my life, that on that day I would meet someone who is so irresponsible and such an arrogant asshole.

She asked if i could go to her ex boyfriend's apartment to pick up her things as she won't be able to face him and his new girlfriend. I was more then obliged to do this because this way I can go to his house and break off his bloody nose. While on the way there I craved some Starbucks so guess what I did. Yes, you are very right I procrastinated and went to buy some Caramel Frappuccino for myself. While I walking on the street I bumped into someone. Yes, I bumped into that arrogant asshole and guess what happened. Again yes, I accidentally spilled my drink on him. Yes I know cliche right. But trust me as much as I wished to have a cliche moment it was not.

"Are you stupid or are you just simply blind" yes you heard it right it was his first words to me. No sorry, no nothing. But what I did might ruin this cliche moment. Yes I did not said sorry as it was partially his fault, he could've also watched where he was waking so yes I said something smart like

" no dude but I think you are the one who needs to gets his eyes tested" and that ladies and gentlemen how we met. It soon turned into a really pretty arguement might I add.

After this my mood was so bad that I forgot all about Bianca and her favor. I mean no only I spilled all my coffee I also had to listen to that arrogant asshole. I mean I may be small but I sure know how to fight. You see I had 2 brothers so I guess I picked a little from fighting with them well more like wrestling with them.

So I guess that's how we met.


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