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"I don't want you to die, but if you do I want you to die without regrets... So let's do this for us". Two best friends are in a race against time to complete a bucket list. On their journey they face challenges that will forever change their lives and the way they see the world. Will they complete it in time?

Romance / Adventure
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Liana's POV

Death is a sore subject for many, because for some it’s extremely terrifying, but for others not so much. The sad thing about death is the person that dies (expectantly or not) isn’t the only one affected, their love ones are too. The destructive paths it leaves behind can be unbearable for mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and everyone else that person touched one way or another with their presence whilst they roamed the earth. One minute they’re here and the next they’re gone, even when you knew they would be leaving, the second they disappear your whole life changes.

Emptiness grows in the place they once hold in your hearts. It scares me when people talk about forgetting the sound of their voices, and their faces as time goes on, because I don't want to forget or be forgotten. Although, it’s not because they don’t love that person anymore. Life just gets in the way, and the memory of that person gets push back in the far corner of their minds. Even when they don’t want to let go of that person, they know they have to because life goes on with or without them and the things happening in the present becomes just a tad bit more important than the lost one because that is your life now.

My best friend, and I grew up in the same little town, in the same neighborhood. His house was two minutes away from mine. At this moment in time, I couldn’t imagine a life without him, without us. But once upon time, we used to hate each other and fighting was our favorite sport. I guess the saying 'there is a fine line between love and hate' is real. He would enjoy pulling on my hair, and make fun of my crazy curls every chance he got. I started thinking he was racist. After we got to high school, he ignored me for two years, which I actually quite enjoyed. I faded into the background with the walls and the other nerds, whilst he joined the basketball team ‘The Gladiators’ and entered the world of the popular and the cool. We were so different and two worlds apart that I never saw it coming.

One day, he came in late and I had to show him the page Ms Lilith was talking about, since he decided to sit behind me. The next week he asked to borrow a pen, which he never even returned. Afterwards, we surprisingly started greeting each other, and then conversation started happening — the rest is history. At first our world clashed like hell. My friend Brei thought he was the biggest prick alive, whilst his friends and his delusional supposedly girlfriends loathed me for my appearance and personality. However, Jake surprised me even more when he shut them up quick, making even my head spin.

With time, we got closer and became somewhat a tad bit inseparable, yet, we also seemed to find time to manage our other friends. We also learned to compromise. I would go to all his games and act like I was interested. Jake on the other hand, would have to watch chick flicks movies with me every Saturday night — it became a routine. Of course, he also had to make it known that I was practically stripping him of his manhood. Barely manhood if you asked me.

Our lives were good, and we were happy, healthy and couldn’t wait for graduation. We had every details mapped out. I would go to ’LAVE Law Academy’ and Jake wanted to attend ’Baxely’, probably on a scholarship. The two places were one hour apart, hence staying in touch would be easy. We ’d face time, and check on each other on week days and on weekends we’d meet up to hang out in person. We were going to take over the world together.

But Zayn Malik once tweeted, “Life is a funny thing, the minute you think you’ve got everything figured out, something comes along and turns it all upside down.”



Firstly, thank you for deciding to choose my book to read. The gesture is greatly appreciated. Secondly, English is not my first language, hence be prepared for some grammatical errors. However, I will try my upmost to minimise them.

Writing is something I am passionate about, however, please bare in my that it is a difficult thing to do even for great authors. Therefore, my book will not be half as amazing as theirs. But as a woman with a dream of become one of them someday, I feel I need to start somewhere so that I will be able to get exposure and feedback to help me improve myself. You're invited to leave comments, reviews and interact with me if you want to in a constructive and encouraging manner rather than the opposite.

With that said, have a great time reading and I hope you enjoy my book for it is the fruit of hard work and love.

Thank you.

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