She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Well, who is she and why has she been coming in the bar and what is she working on? Well I didn't get her name, But our mystery woman knows Richard and she hates him. He knows who she is. I have seen him looking over at her every now and than He best stay away from her. She is wearing a gun and if he goes near her she will shoot him. Anyway, she lives across the street from this bar and is attending online college to get her Masters Degree in Social Work. She also said that if it bothers us having her here she will go to another bar. The closest bar to this one is two blocks away. I told her she was fine and would be safer here than there.

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Chapter 1: The Woman In The Corner

I continued to come into the bar every night and sit in the corner where it is a single table and dark. I have been waiting and listening. So far it seems as if no one has seen me sitting here minding my business drinking. I am quiet and I do not like confrontation. I cry if someone is mad at me but I have to do this for my sister. I have to get the information for Black Widow. That son of a bitch hurt my little sister. My sister is like me, a very sweet person. Someone who is very shy and timid and believes it is good in everyone. She used to be very naive and he destroyed her.

Now he must pay for that. I look like I am a sweet person but deep down inside I can be a bitch. I think that karma exists so after all that goes around comes around and it is time for David to pay. I have continued to keep notes I am smart about it. I make it look like I have to build up my self-confidence and not show fear. But I am afraid. I am afraid of these men. They are all big and scary.

I was working on my essay assignment when I heard a man say, “excuse me but do you mind if I sit down here?” I looked up at him and said “not at all feel free.” He sat down and looked at me. He was young, kind of cute. I have seen you come in here and sit here for the past month. Can I ask what you are working on?

I come in here and work on my assignments. Doesn’t the noise bother you? I grinned. Nope, it helps me actually and I live alone. I don't like being alone so I come here. So you attend college? Yes, I do. I do online college. Every day I have to answer blogs. It’s 50% of my grade. Can I see it? Sure, I turned my laptop so he could see it. So you have to read what everyone on here says and answer them? Yes, especially if I want a good grade.

Do you mind if I read some of this? Sure go ahead. I knew that he must have been sent over here to make sure I was not writing about them. So just what are you studying to be? A social worker. I want to be a drug and alcohol counselor or work in foster care. I am working on my Master's Degree in Social Work.

That’s a good profession to work on. I like to help people. My parents were foster parents for many years. So, how old are you? I’m 23 years old why do you ask. Just wondered. Are you married? Nope and don’t plan on getting married for a couple of years. Are you dating anyone? Nope, and not looking. I did date someone once. We were together for about three years. That is until I caught him cheating with who I thought was a friend of mine. They had been seeing each other behind my back for six months. When I confronted him about it he beat me. That's why I don't want a boyfriend.

So no thank you. I don’t need that kind of shit. Besides, I found out that you can't trust men. Sorry, but that is how it is. The camel that broke the straw was when a friend of his told me that I looked nice one night when we went out to the bar. When we got home he accused me of making passes at his friend. It wasn’t true. Hell, I don’t even know how to flirt. Anyway, he beat me up. That’s when I told him to get out and go see if my ex-friend would let him move in with her.

I started laughing. She told him to go find somewhere else to go because he wasn’t living with her. She just wanted him as a fuck buddy. When she wanted sex she would call him. He found himself out on the streets. Have you seen him since? Oh, I have seen him. He is setting over there at the bar. I watched as he turned and looked toward the bar. Do you know Richard? I know him and he can stay the hell away from me. If he tries anything with me he will get this.

I lifted my shirt and showed him my gun. I will shot him full of bullets if I have to make my point. He makes everyone think that he is innocent and would not lay a hand on a woman. He is a liar. He would beat on a woman before he would a man. The only problem is I can't carry my gun to work. I turned my laptop back towards me. I then picked up my beer and took a drink. So, I said grinning. Did you find out what you were asked to find out about me?

That obvious was it? Of course especially when you asked to read my blogs. Sorry about that but we can’t be too careful. I understand you are all bikers. Look, you don’t have to worry about me. I am not interested in messing with your MC. If it bothers you all me sitting here working on my assignments I can find another bar. No, you are fine being here. And you are safer here than you would be at another bar.

I’m glad to hear that because this bar is across the street from my apartment. I would hate to have to walk three blocks to the next bar. I will leave you to your work. Thanks. I watched as he walked toward the bar. Then he walked back and sat a beer in front of me. Except this for putting up with me asking you so many questions. Not asking for anything in return. Thanks, I said looking back at my laptop.

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