She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 14: Three Weeks Later

I woke up to find that Savage was not in the bed. I went to sit up when the pain went threw my legs. I screamed as it hurt so bad. Half the club ran into my room. Tim the prospect ran over to me and yelled what is wrong. It hurts Tim. My legs hurt. I watched as he ran out of the door. About five minutes later doc ran into the room carrying his bag. What is it, Lisa? My legs hurt so bad doc. He threw the blankets aside and felt my legs.

I saw him smile. I am going to give you a muscle relaxer. Your muscles are tightened up. I will have Savage massage your legs. I was working on a car when I saw Tim running to the garage. Come quick Savage. Lisa is screaming in pain. She said her legs hurt and she is crying. I ran across the compound and into the club. I heard Lisa's screams and her yelling it hurts doc. My legs hurt really bad. I ran into the room and saw doc giving her a shot of something.

Everyone get out I yelled shutting the door. doc what is it I asked. She is getting feeling back in her legs. Her muscles are spasming. I gave her a muscle relaxer. What you need to do is massage her legs. Get her muscles to relax. I walked into the bathroom and brought out a bottle of oil. I watched the doc shutting the door after leaving the room. I poured the oil in my hands and rubbed them before massaging her legs. Soon I hear her screams stop and I heard her moaning. Shit. Her moans have my dick twitching.

That feels so good Savage I told him. The more he rubbed my legs the more relaxed I became. Your hands are magic. One day I hope you will massage my back, neck, and shoulders. I will massage you all over if you will let me. I will let you. Soon she was so relaxed she fell asleep. I went to the bathroom and washed the oil off my hands. I walked out to the table and Beast asked if she was asleep. She is. I will massage her legs later tonight so that the muscles don't start spasming again.

I slowly heard the shower running in the bathroom. I saw Savage walk out with a towel wrapped around him. Fuck me I said to myself. He had an 8 pack and his arms were well muscled. He looked over at me and saw me watching him. I saw him grin at me. I closed my eyes and he said, you can open them now. I have jeans on. I looked at him and sat up. Without thinking I threw my legs over the side of the bed.

Savage I can feel my legs. He looked over at me and watched as I went to stand. I stood for a few minutes then started to fall. He grabbed me in his arms. You have not walked for about three months, Lisa. He lifted me back on the bed. As my breasts rubbed his chest I took a breath. Fuck my nipples were hard. His mouth was close to my lips. I thought he was going to kiss me but he pulled back.

Lisa don't try to walk. You need physical therapy to rebuild your muscles. Fine I said as I watched him put a shirt on. I put myself in my wheelchair and went to take a shower. I decided that I would do my exercises daily to build my muscles. I would not let him know when I could really walk. I want to surprise him. I went out to the kitchen and as I wheeled by a table I saw another new club whore. Who is that? I saw her come out of the bedroom that Savage just came out of. That is his girlfriend. You are kidding, right? No, I am not kidding.

I did not see Tim standing at the door. Why would he want a cripple? She got shot in the back bitch. She is not a cripple and if Savage here's you talk about her like that he will kick you out of the club just like the previous whore. So watch your fucking mouth. Would Savage really kick me out? Yes, he would. He did kick one girl out already. Savage does not like it when someone talks about Lisa the way you just did. I would not be surprised if Tim does not tell Savage what he heard you say.

And she was right. 20 minutes later We heard the door slam and Savage walked over to the whore's table. One more fucking word from your mouth about my woman and you are out. I am not interested in you or any other woman. Lisa is my concern and I do not give a shit about you. So if you want to stay here treat her with respect or pack your shit and go. Sexually frustrated or what we all heard her say. Bitch, I have these if I am. I won't touch a fucking one of you so get that through your head right fucking now. Then he turned and walked over to the table and sat down.

Lisa I am going to give you that massage tonight baby. And I plan on doing so much more to you. Then he stood up and left. Fuck my panties were wet from hearing that. I finished my breakfast before asking Tim to push me over to the garage. I was going to make Savage fucking hard. The game is beginning today.

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