She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 19: Elizabeth and Lisa

I arrived at Lisa and carried the salad and wine into her cabin. We walked out the back and sat on the porch while the steaks and potato's cooked. Lisa, I have to tell you that I am here for fun and to get to know you. I want you to know that I am in an MC. What I said. I hoped that won't stop us from being friends. I am the wife of the president of our club. My husband is Rings and his club is the Freedom Rider MC.

I know who you are Lisa. I didn't tell Rings who you were. He is the brother of Savage. And just so you know. When Rings heard about what happened the first time at his club, and then the second time when he had sex with you but said he wanted to wait to claim you that pissed Rings off. He said no man should do that not after claiming his woman in bed.

You are safe here at least until you decide you want to go back. He said he loved me but he sure as hell needs to prove it. I love him and that's why I left. I did not want to be in the same town as he and his club. I lived across the street from his bar did you know that? I know. I also heard that you would go there and work on your assignments. I did. I liked the environment. And they left me alone.

I should never have listened to Beast and gone to that party. I heard that Angel had his eyes on you. I would not know about that, I only talked to him once. but I don't want him. I wanted Savage. Lisa are you alright? I jumped up and ran to the bathroom where I got sick. I think I am coming down with something. How long have you just gotten sick out of the blue? It started last week.

Lisa when did you have sex with Savage. About a month maybe two why are you asking? Did he use a rubber when you two had sex? My eyes got big. No, I don't think so. You need a pregnancy test. I will run and get three to be on the safe side. I will be right back.

10 minutes later Elizabeth walked back in the door. Here, go pee on these. I walked to the bathroom and did what she said. I walked out to the porch dazed. I laid all three on the table. I'm pregnant. I started crying. I ran over and hugged her telling her it will be alright. No, it won't. I won't have my husband or man to go through this pregnancy with.

But, if you will let me and Rings we can be there for you. I am going to be an aunt and Rings an uncle. But Savage will find out and find me. He will take my baby from me. No, he won't. Our club will protect you, Lisa. I don't want him to hate me. Let's call Beast and get him to ask him if he wants to be a father. Why not call Rings.

I called Rings. Hi, babe is everything all right? Everything is fine. What are you doing I asked him? Getting dressed for the meeting. Why? What would you say if I told you I am now friends with Lisa, the girl that Savage wants? I heard him laugh. You are kidding, right? Nope. We need you to do us a favor. What is that? Ask him if he wants kids.

Why? Lisa is pregnant. Find out why he did not talk to her about claiming her and why he wanted to wait? Are you sure she is pregnant? Yes, she is about two months and Savage is the father. Get him to talk about Lisa. I will call you tonight babe and let you know what he says. Thanks, I love you. I love you more. Have fun with Lisa.

He is going to talk get Savage to talk about you. Find out if he wants to be a father. But he won't give you away. He is going to call me tonight after the meeting. We were in church when Savage brought up the toy runs, family camping, and the ride to Sturgis.

After everyone left I looked at Savage. Brother, please tell me you did not fuck up again? I sighed. Then he asked me who is the woman in the picture? Lisa. So you did fuck up. I had sex with Lisa and the next morning Beast asked when I was going to claim her. I said I wanted to wait and she took off. She moved out of her apartment and left town. I can't find her.

Tell me did you use a condom? I thought for a minute. No, I didn't. What if she is pregnant. Do you want to be a father? Of course, I want to be a father. I want kids with Lisa but I can't do that if I can't find her.

So my way of thinking is that you used Lisa for sex. You treated her like a whore. And you really did not plan on claiming her? I plan on claiming her but I wanted to get to know her first. You disappoint me, Savage. I heard Angel has his eyes on her and he is looking for her. You do know we are allies with him. What are you going to do if he finds her before you do? Nothing. Nothing? You are going to let Angle claim your woman? For some reason I think that you will be more out of control then you are right now.

What if Lisa is pregnant? She is mine. I will claim her on the spot. But I can't find her. I always planned on claiming her. But I wanted to ask her in private first. You know take her out on a date just the two of us. But you had to ask me in front of the whole club. What if she didn't want me to claim her?

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