She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 25: Angel Arrives At Ring's MC

I left my VP Brick to watch the club and took my enforcer New Yorker with me to Ring's MC. As we arrived and walked in Ring's met us at the door. We shook hands and then I saw her. She is still beautiful but now she has a special glow about her. But when I looked into her eyes she did not have the sparkle she had when she was with Savage.

What brings you to our club Angel? We are having a family BBQ this weekend and wanted to invite you and your members to attend it. We are also celebrating Brick, my VP, and his Valkyrie finding out they are going to be parents for the first time. I think it would be good for our clubs to get together again. And after what Lisa has been through she needs to get our of the club. The only problem is if you invite Savage and his club members.

We do not want Savage anywhere near Lisa. I am inviting them and if you don't want Savage near Lisa we can make sure he does not get near her. That will not be a problem. But, he most likely will not come as we had a bit of an argument a few months ago. We are still allies though. Fine we will be there. Do we need to bring anything? No, everything will be provided. Good. I looked up and saw Lisa sitting between Scar and Revenge. Hello Lisa. Hello Angel. Nice to see you again.

I am surprised that you are here at Ring's club though. Well, I was not expecting to be here anymore than you expected to see me here. I looked at Scar and Revenge. She seems comfortable with the two of them. Then she went white. Lisa, are you alright Scar asked? No, I am going to be sick. I watched as she crawled over Revenge and ran out of the room and down the hall.

What is wrong with her I asked? Lisa is pregnant. Savage won't claim her he is the father. She is about three months along now and she has morning sickness and night sickness especially when she smell certain things. Excuse me for a minute. I saw Ring's stand up and then he asked, who the hell is wearing Brute? A new prospect said I am. Why? Go shower and do not wear it again.

The smell of brute makes Lisa sick. After she has the baby you might be able to wear it but not right now. We watched as the prospect left the room. What else makes her sick I asked? Fish cooking, Shrimp, and liver. Good to know. I will make sure that no one wears brute and none of that food is served at the BBQ. That would greatly be appreciated I said looking at Angel.

About 20 minutes later Lisa walked back into the room and crawled over Revenge and sat between him and Scar again. I noticed she had a cold cloth that she would wipe her face with. I also noticed her lean her Shoulder against Scar and her eyes close. She gets tired easy he said looking at her. How is she doing I asked? She is holding on by a thread.

She has mood swings and cries easily. Her hormones are a mess right now. The other day one of the prospects was teasing her about eating a plate full of bacon and she busted out in tears and threw the plate across the table at him. She went and locked herself in her bedroom and refused to come out until it was supper time.

Are you ready to have her come to your BBQ after hearing this Angel? I laughed and told Rings it is nothing we have not dealt with in our club now and then. Angel, I want to talk to you in my office. Please follow me. I stood up and walked to my office. After we entered I shut and locked the door.

I want to know why you are here? It's Lisa, isn't it? I smiled. You never were a stupid man Rings. I met Lisa at Savage's club before he had sex with her. If I had known that he would not claim her I would have taken her from him right there and then. I would have taken her to my club where she belongs. Lisa is my missing half-sister Ring. Savage said she was his girlfriend. So I took it that he planned on claiming her I never thought he would use her the way he did.

Dammit, Rings Savage treated my baby sister like she was a fucking whore. She should never have been treated like that. Even Beast was upset and surprised as well as the club members that were at breakfast the day she walked out of the club. So what you are telling me is that Lisa is your younger half-sister that went missing?

Yes, she was 10 years old when someone took her. I want her home with me where she belongs if she is not happy. But I will not force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. If she loves Savage I will step back. But I am going to be a brother and her friend first and for most. Rings right now I hate your brother. He hurt my sister. That bastard used her like a whores.

I fear that Lisa might end up depressed enough to start self-harming. I will not let that happen. I will make sure that she is loved and taken care of. That is what I want for her. I want her to feel loved. I don't know who took her or raise her. But, I want my sister back.

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