She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 27: Lisa Is Out Of Surgery

We saw the Doctor walk in. Who is Angel? I am Angel doctor I said. Your sister is out of surgery and the bullet just missed hitting the back of her retina. If that would have happened she would be blind. That is good news. The bad news is that she may not remember any of you. What do you mean she won't remember any of us?

Due to the trauma to her brain, she may not remember you. She won't even remember you, or the father of her baby or that she is even pregnant. Rings, Jim, Scar, Revenge, and Elizabeth looked at each other. She will not remember you are her brother, I'm her brother. Look I am sorry. She will have long term memory loss. Can we see her? Angel you and her brother can go in but I would wait until she is conscious for the rest of you to see her.

Thanks, doc we said following him down the hallway. We walked in and saw how pale she was. They cut her hair and she had tubes everywhere. I am going to kill whoever did this. Angel, why did you tell them you were her brother if you didn't want anyone to know? Because they would not let me see her or tell me how she was doing. Dammit, Jim. I tried to get to know her at Savages MC but he kept me away from her.

She won't even remember who Savage is let alone that he is the father of her child. Get what I am saying? How are we going to help her through this since she will not remember running from him? We need to go back to the club and talk. I will have two prospects in her room and two outside her room. I watched as Jim walked out to bring the prospects to Lisa's room. I heard him say that only the doctors and nurses enter if it is not us. We then walked out of her room and to the waiting area.

How is she? They cut her hair off. Her face is swollen and she is hooked to all kinds of tubes. We thought we would go back to your club and meet in your office. We want to discuss something with you. Alright, let's go. As we walked down the hall past several nurses we saw them look at us and adjust their shirts. We just looked away from them and continued to walk.

Once we arrived at Rings clubhouse he yelled bring us some beers and sandwiches to my office. We walked in and sat at the table. Five minutes later the beers and sandwiches arrived. Rings looked at Jim and me and said, I bet I know what you are going to say. Tell us Jim and I said looking at him and the others.

Lisa will not remember any of us. That means she will not remember Savage or that he is the father of her child. Jim, there is something you should know. Angle is Lisa's half-brother. Lisa was taken when she was 10 years old. Angel wants to take her back to his MC. Back to be with her family.

I have two questions. What is it Scar? What are you going to do if Lisa does regain her memory? She loves Savage. Deal with it then. And, how do we know she really is your half-sister? I removed the picture of Lisa when she was 10 years old. She had not changed much in looks. That is me on the right, Lisa in the middle, and my oldest brother on the left. I looked for her when she disappeared and Savage threw her away. I wanted to talk to her and tell her. I wanted to bring her back home to my MC. But Angle kept her away from me.

You can take her but, if you ever hurt her or make her cry I will kill you. I won't let another man hurt her again. I will hand you the knife or gun choose your poison. Deal then. This will keep Savage away from her or claiming her. But we have to get her a property cut. Sister of Angel, president of the Wild Eagle MC. Her road name needs to be chosen. Half-Pint. Because she is so short and only comes just above my waist. Half-Pint it is. I will have the cut delivered here for you. Thanks, Rings. Now I have a question.

We need to remove her things from the cabin. Take the to my clubhouse. We rode to the cabin and started to pack her things. I called two prospects to come to the cabin with a truck. We all carried the boxes out and put them in the trunk. We take a walk through to make sure we did not miss anything. Then we rode to my MC. We will put Lisa in the bedroom across from mine. Elizabeth helped to unpack everything and then a prospect carried the boxes out to the trash.

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