She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 28: Lisa's clothes are moved To Angel's MC

We walked down the stairs and yelled for everyone's attention. I told them my sister was found. Then I told them she was shot in the head. I also told them she will return to the club when she is out of the hospital. They are to respect her and she is hands-off. I then told them she is pregnant and Savage is the father of her baby and the doctor said she might have long term memory loss.

We got in my truck and we rode back to Rings club. We had been sitting drinking a beer when my phone rang. This is Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. Is Angel available? This is Angel. Angel, I want to let you know that Lisa has started to have seizures. We had to give her Carbamazepine. Carbamazepine is used to treat seizures that occur in the temporal lobe. She is stable at this time.

Has she gained consciousness yet? No sir she has not. But she is comfortable. Thank you, for letting me know. I told them what the nurse said. Look, I am going to my room. I need to get some sleep before heading to the hospital in the morning. I walked into the bedroom. I took my cut off folded it and lay it on the chair. I took my boots off and then walked into the bathroom where I stripped down and took a shower.

I put on clean boxers and shorts before climbing into her bed. I must have fallen asleep the minute my head hit the pillow. I dreamed of Lisa has a child chasing me around the yard. We were laughing and having so much fun. I woke up slowly opening my eyes. I got up and dressed before walking down to the kitchen. I field my plate with eggs and sausage before cleaning up my mess. I walked out the door and got on my bike and headed to the hospital. When I arrived and walked in I saw the nurses trying to get my attention. I had five nurses go out of their way and ask if I needed help. I finally said. I do not need any help. I am headed to ICU to visit my sister.

I continued to the elevator which I took to the second floor. I got off and walked straight to her room. I told the prospects to go get a motel room and get some sleep and something to eat. I told them that only two need to come back and stand at the door and the other two will re- leave them every 8 yours.

I walked in and walked over to the bed. I kissed Lisa's forehead. I am here baby. It's angel. I sat down and held her hand. It has been 18 hours since she had her surgery. She still has not regained consciousness. I was watching football when the doctor walked in. Hello, doc I said. Hello Angel. How is she today I asked?

When will she wake up? Right now I believe when the swelling goes down in her brain. The good thing is that her reflexes are good. She will have physical therapy while she is here to keep her muscles from tightening up. The last scan of her brain has shown that the swelling has gone down 45%.

Stop worrying Angel. If the swelling continues to go down she will be out of the woods. Doc I don't care what it cost she gets the best medical attention. I understand Angel. Good. Now, who is providing her therapy? That would be Ashley. She is one of our best therapists and she talks to Lisa while doing her therapy.

Can you tell me what time she will be in? She will be in around 3:00. Thanks, doc. I was looking at the clock and sent one of the prospects out to get me some food and coffee. Just as he came back with my order I saw Jim, Rings, and Revenge walk into the room. How is she? Doc said the swelling in her brain has gone down 45% and if it continues she will be out of the woods soon.

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