She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 29: Revenge Finds His Woman

We all looked up as a tiny woman with long dark hair walked in. Hello. My name is Ashley I am the physical therapist. I provide physical therapy to Lisa three times a day. Hello, am Angel Lisa’s half-brother, this is Jim her brother, Revenge the VP of Ring’s MC. I stared into Ashley’s eyes and she smiled at me. I found her. This tiny beautiful woman is going to be mine.

Jim and I looked from Revenge to Ashley and smiled. We watched as Ashley talked to Lisa and provided the physical therapy to her. Revenge never took his eyes off Ashley. What time do you do Lisa’s treatment again? 7:oo tonight before I get off work. Are you telling me you work a 12 hours shift? Yes, Three days on two days off, two days on three days off.

Those are too many hours for you to be working. I smiled at him. It is my job. I said. I will see you at 7:00 tonight Lisa. I walked out of the room. We turned and looked at Revenge. She is your woman isn’t she Revenge? Yes, she is the one. But, she is a nurse. I am a biker. So what. Lisa is a nurses aide in a nursing home working on her Master’s degree in social worker

Not only are you a biker but you are a mechanic. You have a legit job. We are not bad bikers. We help others. We do toy runs and runs to raise money for Children’s Hospital. We own garages, tattoo shops, restaurants, and other companies. We even own Mental health and drug and alcohol agencies.

Ask her out for coffee or lunch we told him. I will when she comes back in. I will get her schedule. Take her out for lunch or ask when her next day off is. Take her to supper. That’s a good idea. Don’t scare her off. I won’t. We sat and talked when Lisa started to have a seizure. I ran out to get the nurse and she came in with the medication to help stop the seizure.

Nurse will she have these seizures after she is released from the hospital? No. These seizures are due to the swelling on her brain. They will stop the more her swelling goes down. Jim said I am going to head back to the club. Why don’t you two get a motel room instead of coming back to the club? I think I will. I will get one as well Renegade said.

Ashley arrived at 7:00 as she said she would. I told Revenge I was going to get us a cup of coffee. Ashley do you have a husband? I’m not married. How about a boyfriend? Nope, no boyfriend either. Would you like to have lunch or supper with me sometime? She looked at me and smiled. No wife or girlfriend Revenge? Nope, none. Alright, then I will have supper with you. I have the next three days off. I will give you my address and phone number. Today is Sunday. How about you take me to supper on Tuesday?

Wear Jeans and bring a jacket. We have to take my bike. Alright, I will do that. And boots. I watched her finish and leave the room. Angel walked in as she was leaving. I handed Revenge his coffee. Did you ask her out? I did. And she said yes, I have her address and phone number. Well done. I am taking us out to supper Tuesday.

We sat and watched Lisa breathing. I want her to wake up. I also want who shot her. Have Rings found out who could have shot her yet? Not yet. There is talk going around. What talk? They were after Lisa. And? And the shooter was off target. What does that mean? They were supposed to shoot her in the stomach. Kill the baby. Savage. It has to be Savage wanting to get rid of the baby.

Word around town is that he has a new girlfriend. She refuses to go out with him as long as Lisa is pregnant. The girlfriend does not want him to raise the child or pay to support him or her. We should get the word out on the street that Lisa's brothers are out for blood. That if anyone else tries to hurt lisa and kill her baby no qusetions asked. When we find out who shot her they are dead.

Good idea. You let the word out that lisa is the sister of Angel. Call Rings and have him get the word out onto the streets. And tell them that Angel is now coming as the Angel of Death. I will have retribution and bring hellfire raining down on whoever did this.

That should give whoever did this a scare. Make them run or go into hiding. Find out who the bitch is that Savage is dating. Send her a message that If Lisa and my neice or nephew dies I will come after her the day she gets pregnant and every time she gets pregnant. I will make sure she never has Savage's child or any man's child.

Angel, you can be cruel. I can be very revengeful. They tried to kill what is family. I want everyone to know that. The old Angel of Death is coming. I have retired the Angel of Death but now for what they have done to Lisa the Angel of Death wants retribution. He wants to rain hellfire down on them all. The Angel of Death will get his revenge. Oh, and Revenge. Send the same message to Savage.

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