She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 3: The VP of the Wolf MC

I am beast the VP of the Wolf MC. My president is Savage he asked me to talk to Richard about the girl that comes in the bar and works on school work. I walked over to Richard and told him to follow me to Savages office. As we walked and sat down I looked at Savage. He nodded his head at me. Richard, we watched you watching the woman that comes in and sits at the corner table. So, she is beautiful. That she is but, it is more than that. She hates your guts. Tell us why or we can always ask her.

I used to live with her two or three years ago. And why did you split up? I loved her so much but I had a temper. I beat on her. Six months before we split up I started fucking her best friend. The night she kicked me out I went too far. What do you mean you went too far? I kicked one of her teeth out, I fractured three of her ribs and punched her so hard that the whole side of her face was a bright purple. I passed out and that night she got boxes and packed my shit and sat it on the front porch. I was out on my ass. She told me to stay with her friend but she doubts that would happen. She was right.

You better stay away from her. She carries a gun and she said if you came near her she would shoot you full of holes. I believe her. I saw the look in her eyes. What is her name anyway? We just want to know. It is Lisa Reynolds. Remember, do not go near her. You can go now. We watched him walk out the door. Just then Texas walked in carrying his laptop. We told him her name and he started searching for her. Nothing on her biological family. Shit, you are not going to believe this. She has some connections. She is connected to Jim the president of the Viking MC. Says on May 10, that Jim adopted a woman as his little sister. Her name is Lisa Reynolds. He met her in Florida. She is on their club Facebook site.

She looks really happy there. Come to think of it. Have you seen her smile even once while in the bar? Nope. I have noticed that she will tense when one of the men walks to close to the table. I also noticed she always sits with her back to the wall and as close to the door as she can get. The Viking MC is one of the biggest in the United States. I heard a few of them are in town. Well, it’s Friday shall we go to the bar? Yep, I want to watch my girl. You’re girl? My girl. She will be my woman. Let’s go. We walked out of the office and got on our bike. We rode to the bar. As we got off I noticed that there was a reserved sign on her table.

I looked over at Whiskey and he said. ” I have to make sure her table is open when she comes in.” I smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up and walked to my VIP table. There were some new men from other MC’s in here. I soon saw the door open and she walked in. I saw Whiskey walk over to the table and take the sign. Your table awaits you, Lisa. I saw her smile at Whiskey. Then he put a bottle of beer on the table and walked away.

She got her laptop out and plugged it in then she got out her notebook and a pen. She had been working for about an hour when I noticed about three bikers walk in wearing the Viking MC patch. She was not paying attention until one of them shut her laptop. I heard her say you stupid son of a bitch. I worked for two hours on the essay and now it's gone because it was not saved. Then she looked up and jumped out of her chair and jumped into his arms. Hammer, she screamed. What are you doing here?

Can’t someone come and visit a friend? Who are you’re friends? This is our new enforcer his name is Speed. He likes to drive way too fast. This is a new prospect. Hello, I’m Lisa. We know who you are. You are Jim’s sister. Grab some beers and have a seat. I unplugged my laptop and put it back in my backpack along with my paper and pen. I then set it on the floor next to me. They walked over and sat a beer in front of me. So how is school going? It’s OK. I have three months to go and then I can graduate with my masters. I was informed I am carrying a 4.0 average.

That’s great. And how is work? I am hoping that I get a therapy position once I earn my master’s degree. I have over 300 hours of vacation time coming to me. I might go to Florida and spend time with Jim. I have to use the restroom watch my laptop, will you? I stood up and walked toward the restroom. I had to walk past the VIP table but by the time I got halfway down the room I was surrounded. Excuse me I said. One of the men said, come have a drink with us, sweetheart. No thank you. I just need to use the restroom. Besides I am having a few drinks with some friends.

I started to walk away when grabbed me and held me with my back against him. He reached up and grabbed my breast. Get your fucking hands off me I screamed. I saw Hammer and his friends stand up but the next thing I knew I was jerked away from the biker and pushed behind a tall man with black hair to his waist. In this bar, we do not harass or abuse women. She told you no and then you grab her and feel her up. Without looking away he said “prospect escort Lisa to the restroom.” Come this way, miss Lisa.

I followed the prospect to the restroom and told him thank you. When I was finished and walked out of the restroom I asked. Who is the man that saved me? He is the president of the Wolf MC. This is his bar. Thank him for me will you? I walked to my table and sat down. I saw that Hammer, the prospect, and Speed were looking at the man that grabbed me with anger. I soon watched Hammer get up and stop behind the man. I do not know what he said but when he turned around and saw he was the VP of the Viking MC he turned white.

Whiskey started laughing. He brought me a beer and said Lisa, you have friends in high places. What do you mean? The Viking MC. Yes, the president is my brother. Jim is your brother? Yes, my adopted brother. I will be damned. Now you have the president of the Wolf MC watching over you. I looked at the clock and said. I have to go home. I have to work in the morning. I hugged and kissed Hammer and said goodbye to the guys. They watched as I walked across the street and punched in the code and walked in shutting the door behind me.

After she left and was safely in her apartment building we picked up our bers and walked to the VIP table. Savage, we need to talk to you. We sat down and looked at Savage. Thanks for getting Lisa away from that bastard. Jim will be thankful for that. She means the world to him. Hell not only him but to Scar. She is the only woman to ever touch his face and not shrink away.

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