She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 4: Threats are sent to Savage about Lisa at the bar

I opened the bar and put the reserved sign on Lisa’s table. It was a bit quiet when the phone rang. Savages bar and grill. Hello Whiskey. Is the beautiful Lisa there yet? Wait no it’s Friday and she is not off work yet. I know she walked to work today. Wonder what would happen to her walking home late at night by herself? Then they hung up the phone. I saw red. Someone just threatened Lisa.

I looked at the clock. She gets off work in 10 minutes. I walked over to the VIP table. Savage, we have a problem. What is it? Someone just called here and kind of threatened Lisa. Threatened Lisa how. They know she walked to work today. She walks home by herself. They said, “Wonder what would happen to her walking home late at night by herself?” Where does she work? The Nursing Home about three blocks away from here. I stood up and got on my bike and rode to the nursing home.

I got off my bike and walked in and asked for Lisa. I was walking down the hall when I heard who is he? He is so cute. Lisa, there is a biker here for you. I walked to the front and looked at the man. Hello, I’m Savage. I know who you are. You grabbed me from that biker. Look I am here because we want you safe. Someone called the bar tonight. They knew that you walked to work today. And they told us you could vanish. We will not let that happen. I am taking you home after you get off. Do not argue with me. Alright, you can wait here over on the couch or chair.

I have to give a report before I can clock out. She was tiny next to me. I watched as she walked to a cart and grabbed a notebook and followed a few other aides into the room. She walked out laughing and her face red. I heard teasing going on. Lisa come on admit you have a boyfriend. There is nothing wrong with him being a biker. He is not my boyfriend. We will see. I clocked out and walked down the hall. I am ready I said. Do you have a jacket? No. He took off his and put it on me. Have you ever ridden a bike? I grew up riding behind my father. Good, let’s go. We walked out to his bike and he lifted me on it before he climbed on and started the bike.

I put my arms around his waist as he drove out of the parking lot. I heard whistles from the girls and she gave them a finger. I laughed thinking she is feisty. We got to the bar and he lifted me off the bike. I watched him walk into the bar without saying a word to me. I walked to my apartment and took his jacket off. Shit, I still have his jacket. I took a bath and then dressed in jeans, boots, and a cut off shirt. I walked to the bar. Once inside I walked over to his table and handed him his jacket. He looked at me and said. ” Do not walk to or from work” If you need a ride call Whiskey.

Do not tell me what to do. You are not my boyfriend. I turned and walked to the bar. Move I said shoving two bikers aside. I slammed money down and said 3 slammers Whiskey. He looked from me to Savage. He is not my boyfriend and if you do not give them to me I will walk to the bar two blocks down. I nodded at Whiskey. He put them on the bar. I slammed them drank them then said Beer. I grabbed the beer and walked to the table I like to sit at.

I sat down and opened my phone. I text Jim about Savage bringing me home from work. Then tell me not to walk to or from work and if I needed to call a ride to call Whiskey. Bastard telling me what to do. Not happening. I put my phone in my pocket.

What the hell did you say to her to piss her off Whiskey asked me? I told her not to walk to and from work and if she needs a ride to call you. Then he laughed. One thing I found about Lisa is you do not tell her she cannot do something. You can ask her but when a man tells her not to do something she gets pissed.

Just then my phone rang. Savage I just received a text from my sister. He was laughing. You sure know how to piss my sister off. I guess I do. I just wanted her safe. We received a phone call threatening her. I do not want her to walk home at night in the dark alone. You do know if you asked her to let one of you pick her up she would have listened to you. Word of advice where my sister is concerned Savage if you want her to do something ask her.

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