She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 43: Lisa's Apartment

I was leaning on my bike looking up at Lisa. She is so perfect. I watched as she walked to her little kitchen and come back carrying a cup where she put it on the end table. Then she sat down in her chair and was looking at something in her lap. I soon watched as she rubbed her temples. She must have a headache. Then I heard it. The roar of bikes. I didn't want to leave but I can't be seen here. I started my bike and rode out of town. Soon love. Soon I will have you in my arms.

As we got to Lisa's apartment we saw the bike riding out of town. We parked and carried the door and tools upstairs. Lisa its Donna. I opened the door and she walked in. We brought your door. Won't take but a few minutes to take the old one out and put this one it. Thank you, Donna. This makes me feel safer. Come in Donna. Would you like a cup of coffee. Sure she sat down at the small table. I carried a cup of coffee over along with creamer. Oh, did you want sugar? No just cream. How did I know that I asked? I just met you. We used to be friends Lisa. Before you were shot. You just forgot me. Maybe one of these days you will get your memory back.

I hope so. I hate not remembering. I rubbed my belly. I can't remember who my baby's father is I said with a tear sliding down my face. I guess that he didn't love me enough to find me. What if he does love you but he did something wrong? I can't believe that if he loved me he did something bad enough to have me hurt. Lisa, Savage has always tried to protect you. If it meant losing you to keep you safe he would do it. No matter how much he wants you with him. Savage loves you and his baby. He is scared now.

But why? Donna, when Elizabeth went to his bar. I remembered. I remembered being held in his arms. I remembered his long hair and running my hands threw it. I want him back. But, I don't know who to do that. I don't remember anymore. I just remembered him holding me. I want that again. I felt safe with him. But, why can't I remember anything else? I have not seen him since that night at the bar. I looked up at her. I want to see him again. Do you have a picture of Savage? I grinned at her. I will send you want. I sent her a picture of Savage with his shirt off wearin sun glasses and leaning against his bike with his arms folded and his hair was blowing in the wind.

Thank you, Donna. I knew she would look at it a lot. I didn't know she would have it printed off as a large picture to hand on her wall. I want my baby to know who his or her father is. The door is finished and here are the keys. Thank you, I said taking them from him. You are welcome Lisa. We watched as they shut the door leaving Donna and I alone. Well, I best go. You have work in the morning. Thank you Donna. No problem. Savage ordered it done. He wants you to feel safe Lisa. I looked at her and smiled. Hey, why don't you to his bar with me this weekend. You can at least sit and stare at him. Besides, I know he will stare at you. Alright I said smiling. Good. I will pick you up at 8pm friday night.

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