She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 44: Donna Takes Lisa Out

I saw Savage sitting at the table on my way out the door. Why aren't you at the bar Savage? Don't want to go to tonight. Why are you asking? Because I am picking Lisa up and we are going to your bar. I sat up. You and Lisa are going to my bar? Yes, we are. I watched Savage grin. We will sit in your booth as a matter of fact. I will be there later I said standing up and heading to my room. I am going to sit next to my woman. I have to see her. To fell her. I turned and walked to the door. I picked Lisa up and I drove to the bar.

We got out and walked in. Hello Donna, Lisa Whiskey said. As we walked to the VIP booth. Whiskey sat orange juice in front of me and beer in front of Donna. We were talking when I looked up and saw Savage walking toward the table. My heart started to beat fast. I saw her looking at me. I sat down next to her at the booth. I looked over at Whiskey and got a beer from the cooler and walked over sitting it down in front of me. Do you want more orange juice, Lisa? Do you have fresh coffee Whiskey? Only for you Lisa. I saw her smile at him. Thank you Whiskey. No problem Lisa.

I saw her staring toward the door and she stiffened. Donna, that's him. He is the one I see sitting outside my apartment every night. I looked over and knew it was Tank. Son of a bitch. I picked up my phone and text Beast. Tank is at the bar. I knew soon several members would be arriving. I moved my leg next to hers. I looked down at her. I looked over at Tank. He sat there looking at me grinning. I watched as Tank stood up and walked to the booth.

Savage. Tank. What do you want Tank? I want your woman. I leaned back and looked at him. In case you forget. I no longer have my woman. You and your sister took care of that. Then why is she sitting next to you? She is not my woman, girlfriend, or wife. Ask her for your self. Hello, Lisa. I looked at him. Tell me. Are you Savages woman? No. What about his girlfriend? No. I don't really know him all that well. He is my friend Donna's brother.

I looked at her. So, Savage and you are not seeing each other? Why would Savage want to date someone like me? I am not his type. I am short, and not beautiful or build like a woman that would interest a man like Savage. I was shocked. Besides. I am pregnant. I never met a man that wants to date someone who is pregnant with another man's baby. Plus. I lost my memory. But I know that I love my baby's father. I just can't remember if he loves me.

So, you don't want to see other men or date them. Or let one claim you? The only man I want is the father of my baby. I do not want anyone to claim me but him. Sometimes I remember a man but I never see his face. What if I told you that we used to see each other? I looked at him and felt fear. I would call you a lier. I feel nothing but fear when I look at you. I don't know why but I do. I was angry that she feared me. I would never hurt you, Lisa. I don't know about that. But something tells me to stay away from you.

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