She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 47; Angel Finds Out

Hello, is this Angel? Yes, it is who is this? That's not important. I just wondered if you had been told that Lisa has her memory back and Savage has claimed her and she has accepted his claim. Look, I don't know who you are but what my sister does is none of your business. And if she has her memory back I am happy for her. As for Savage claiming Lisa. All I have to say is about fucking time. What! Are you saying you are happy that Savage has claimed your sister? Yes, I am. After all, they do love each other and he is the father of her child. So, yes. I am happy and I approve.

Then the phone was slammed in my ear. Someone is trying to cause trouble I thought. And, I believe that someone wants Lisa for himself. I walked out of my office and drove to Savage's MC. I pulled in and got off my bike and walked in. Where is Savage his room with Lisa? I walked down the hall toward Savage's bedroom. I knocked on the door. I looked up as Lisa opened it. Angel, I said throwing my arms around him. I have my memory back and Savage claimed me. So I heard. Are you angry that I accepted? I smiled down at her. No, I am not angry. I say it is about time.

I jumped up and hugged my brother. I am happy for you Lisa. But, I need to talk to both of you. I walked in and shut the door. I told them about the phone call I received. I saw Savage look at Angel. It was Tank. That son of a bitch that started all this? The very one. He has been following Lisa around. He wants Lisa for himself. He thought you would storm over here and demand that I divorce her. I laughed. He found out wrong. He slammed the phone down on me. Best keep a close eye on Lisa.

I plan on it. There will be prospects at the shop when she is working so he can't drag her out of the door. She is the only one upfront. He could have her in a van before anyone could get to her. By having prospects sitting up front he will have a harder time taking her. I will be with her in the apartment. I had a steel door put in place of the wood one. She will be guarded during her doctor appointments as well. We just need to find him and where he is staying. I will end him this time. I won't let her get hurt again. Let alone taken from me again.

I know he did not want her dead. He just wanted our child dead. I need some men on the roofs of the buildings around Lisa's apartment day and night. He watches her apartment at night and Lisa said during the day he sits in the restaurant watching her work. He scares me, Angel. I don't trust him. He was mad when we were at the bar. I think he started that fight to try and take me while no one was watching me. But I ended up hurt and that is how I got my memory back.

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