She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 48: Three Months later.

I am 7 months along now and big. I am still working at the shop. I happened to look up and saw Tank standing in front of my desk. I pushed the button under my desk letting those in the back know I needed someone upfront. I saw your bodyguards step outside he said grinning. I need you to stand up and come with me, Lisa. No, I said. Oh, I think you will. I then saw the gun pointed at me. Stand up now!. I slowly pushed my chair back but then Beast and Animal ran down the hall. I saw him walk around the desk and grab my arm pulling me up.

Stay back or I will shot her I said showing them the gun. I started to drag her toward the door. I said, tell Savage that I love him. I will always love him. Shut up Lisa, you are going to be mine. But first, we have to get rid of that brat in your belly. You will carry my child. I will only carry your kid through rape Tank. Let me go. I can't do that. You belong to me. Not Savage. I would never do to you what he did. I opened the door still backing out holding the gun toward her belly.

I continued to walk her backward onto the sidewalk. I did not see the prospects behind me. I said, please move the gun away from my belly. Not yet. Not until you get in the van. I feel sick I said. I then slumped down and he dropped the gun trying to lift me in his arms. Then one of the prospects put a gun to my head. Gently lower Lisa to the ground. I gently lowered her. Now stand up. I stood up and reached for the gun. I don't think so. I would hate for Lisa to be covered in your blood.

I stood up holding my arms in the air. Then I was grabed and thrown across the hood of a car and zip ties were put on my arms. I turned and looked over at Lisa. I saw Beast and Animal helping her off the ground. Bitch I screamed. You faked it. I was dragged inside the shop and taken toward the back. I was walked into the office and shoved down onto a chair. What are you waiting for? Angel and Savage. The Angel of Death I asked? The very one. I guess you didn't know that Lisa is his sister. Fuck, I am dead. You are dead either way. You tried to take Savage's woman. He is not going to like that.

About 15 minuts later the door opened and Angel and Savage walked in. I looked up at Savage and said, I almost had your woman. I washed him lean against the desk. No, you didn't. There are sharp shooters on every roof. They would have shot you after Lisa was in the van. Now, you are going to the shed and I am going to hurt you Tank. I am going to hurt you for all the pain you caused Lisa and me. Then I am going to kill you. I am going to make sure that you never try to take Lisa from me again. Looks like his MC will need a new president Angel said. Looks like it. We will be taking him out of the back door. The van should be here any minute.

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