She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 50: Savage Is Pissed

I rode back to the club and grabbed a beer. I sat down looking at the girls in anger. Thanks for nothing you three. What did we do? You poured that shit on all three of us. At least your men were in front of you. Lisa won't let me in, she won't talk to me. She thinks I am fucking cheating on her. Our eyes got really big. Savage, we are sorry. We didn't think she would walk out on you. Are you sure about that? I bet if it was the other way around you would be doing just what Lisa is doing.

Savage, we really are sorry. We will talk to Lisa. Tell her it was us. Better yet one of the members said. I videotaped it. Just send it to her text. I will do it Donna said. Send it to me. I sent the video to Lisa. I opened the message and saw what Donna had done. I started crying. Savage will not forgive me for not believing him. I sent Donna a message and told her I hate her right now. Savage will never forgive me for not believing him. I unlocked the locks on the door and I went to bed. I cried myself to sleep.

I showed Savage the message. She hates me right now I said. She is scared you hate her for not believing you. I walked out of the door and rode to the apartment. I was thinking the locks would be on the door. They weren't. I walked in locked it. I laid my cut on the chair. I took my boots off before walking into the bedroom. I stripped naked before climbing into bed. I put my arms around Lisa and pulled her close to me. I kissed the side of her neck. I heard her say my name. I love Lisa. I can't lose her a second time.

I woke up and went to the bathroom. I saw Savage sleeping I climbed back into the bed. I rolled over and looked down at Lisa. I leaned down and kissed her. I bit her bottom lip until she opened her mouth and let me in. I moved my hands down her body I robed her clit. I knew she was about to go over the edge. I moved between her thighs and pushed into her pumping in and out of her. Soon I had her flying as she screamed my name. I rolled off her and pulled her close to me. I love you, Lisa. I love you too Savage.

I am not mad at you. I am made at those dam women. They all thought it was funny to pour that perfume on us. I really was confused when you asked who the woman was. I really did not know what you were talking about. I do not want or need another woman. So, you aren't mad at me? No, Lisa. I'm not mad at you. Good. I don't want you mad at me. But, you can get mad at me? It's the baby. I grinned down at my woman. If you say so. Now, let me make you happy I said kissing her again. I took my woman over the moon again and again.

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