She Walks The Night series Book 2: The Woman In The Corner, How Savage Met Lisa

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Chapter 53: Angel Is Angry

I found out where that got that money from. Where? They sold Storm to someone that is called the baby maker. The what? They buy young girls that are fertile. Why? To get them pregnant and then they sell the babies on the black market. They get the girls pregnant. They only let each girl have three children. Then they return them to someone that will help them. They don't kill or hurt them. Why put her outside this MC? They know we help women in trouble.

Still doesn't make it right. No, it doesn't. We will find these people and turn them into the police. Get them off the street. Especially if they are in our town. This is not something we can tolerate. Angel, she is not going to be trusting. She has been used by men to get her pregnant. It was not done with love. I was rape. She was raped until she got pregnant. I would say by three different men. We will take care of her. I will not give up on her. I wanted to claim her when she turned 18 but she disappeared with she was 15 years old. That would make her 20 now.

Thanks, Wizard for finding out it is Storm. I am just happy to have her back safe. Just like I was happy to find Lisa again. Angel she has talked in her sleep. She has not forgotten you. I have heard her call your name several times. Can I set with her? Yes, as a matter of fact, I came out here to tell you she is awake. She is in some pain but you can talk to her. We followed doc back to the room. I walked over and sat in the chair near the bed. Storm. I watched as she opened her eyes. Angel, are you real? I am real Storm. You are not another dream? I am not another dream. I saw a tear slide down her face.

You found me? You were dropped off in front of the Wolf MC. I am friends with Savage. He thought to call me. He knew I was looking for you Storm. We took the chance that it was you. I missed you so much, Angel. I missed you to Storm. I had not stopped looking for you. I need you to heal Storm. Then we will talk about what happened to you. You might not want me after you know everything Angel. I will always want you Storm. You don't have a girlfriend? Yes, I do. Her name is Storm. I waited for you to come back to me. You are back now. You will live with me Storm.

When you are healed enough to leave here. You will come home with me. I will take care of you Storm. I won't lose you again. But first. You have to get better. I leaned down and kissed her. Get some sleep Storm. I will be just down the hall in the club bar. When you wake up again I will come and see you. I watched as her eyes closed and she was asleep before leaving the room. I walked out and sat down. Is she alright Angel, Lisa asked me? She is scared right now. But she will come home with me when she is able to leave here. I told her I will take care of her.

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