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Ree, a highschool girl full of life and quite a temper is ready to face challenges . Always there for her friends . She gets attracted to her fellow classmate. She doesn't realise how fast her little affection turns into deep love which may remain a one sided love forever cause she's too scared to confess. Will she overcome her fears and confess and take a chance or will she never do it with the fear of rejection and losing what is already there .

Romance / Drama
Po Sampang
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Are you gonna go to your new school in your dreams, Ree?" I heard mom shouting out something from the kitchen. I couldn't hear her properly but her loud voice broke the spell of my sweet sleep. I opened my eyes lazily and checked the time on my phone. "Holy shit", I screamed. "Today's my first day of my highschool and I can't believe that I overslept." I hurried since I couldn't afford being late on the first day of my highschool. I got ready in like twenty minutes.

"Have your breakfast sweetheart", said mom when I was about to leave.

"Maybe next time mom.", I said and rushed towards the school.

When I arrived at school I took a quick breathe of relief cause I didn't actually expect that I would make it on time but I did. As I entered the gate several thoughts started to pop up in my head making me anxious. "Damn, I'm a weird kid. What if nobody likes me?" I said to myself. I knew I was going to make a lot of friends or no friends at all by the end of the day. I was excited to meet new people and also afraid of being disliked. These mixed feelings got on my nerve for a while. Unlike my mixed feelings, I was sure about one thing. No matter what I wouldn't let anybody bully me or anybody else. If anyone was up, to mess with me I would make sure that they regret it the very next moment. I was a state level champion in Karate and also I had been practicing mixed martial arts for two years now. I was not afraid to face any bully .

I entered my classroom and took a seat in the left corner of the room. I looked around, only to find myself surrounded by attractive young boys and beautiful girls. Out of all the guys, there was this one guy who caught my attention like nobody else in the room. He was tall, had nice body work and jet black hair and light brown eyes. Also his jawline was just perfect. I glanced at him but stopped soon since I didn't want to get caught staring at him by his sharp eyes that could kill me any time.

A few minutes later, a teacher entered the class and introduced himself to class . He asked everyone to introduce ourselves to the class. Everyone started to introduce themselves one by one, to which I wasn't paying much attention cause I was waiting for his turn.

Finally it was his turn and my wait was over.

"Hi ! I'm Daniel and I'm new here just like everyone else in this room except for our teacher ofcourse. I'm looking forward to make my highschool life fun and memorable with you people.", he had a gentle smile on his face and was continuously running his finger through his gorgeous hair.

"Daniel huh", I muttered.

Turn by turn, now it was my turn and I started my introduction to the class.

"Hello everybody ! My name's Ree and I love music. I like good people too and I'm hoping to find a lot of them here.", I said trying to keep my voice as less cringy as possible.

The whole day went quite smooth but still I had no friend. As I was keeping my things in my bag and thinking about how I ended up the day without making any friend, my bag slipped from my hands and fell on the floor. That's when a girl quickly picked it up and handed it over. She was very beautiful. She had long brunette coloured hair and her eyes were pitch black. She was as tall as me which is five feet six inches.

"Thank you", I said

"You're most welcome. You're Ree right?"

She knew my name, Unlike me, it seems like she was paying attention during the introduction. I, on the other hand had no idea of who she was. "Yes and you are? " Was all I could say.

"I'm Nicki, I sit right next to you if you noticed.", She replied. I just smiled and nodded my head.

"Where do you live, Ree?"

"Not far from here, just near the Rook restaurant."

"Oh ! Great then I can give you a ride cause it's in the same route that I use for going home.", She smiled.

I felt like finally I had found a friend so I didn't decline it. "Yeah, if you don't have any problem", I said and jumped inside her car. On our way, we had a short conversation about our 'not so cool first day of highschool'. We both got along quite well in just few minutes. My stop came so I came out of the car, thanked Nicki for the ride and made my way inside the house.

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