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Scarlett Wilson, a very beautiful girl gaves her audition for a famous film and got selected. There, she found a paranoid named Shawn Mandes, known as a movie king who started woo her. She tried every means to get rid of him or ignore him but he just can't go away..........and she end up with him in the end...

Romance / Drama
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" I have to hurry up or I will be late for taday's audition" said Scarlett while straighten her black hair. Scarlett Wilson was her full name, she was very beautiful with long black hair, grey eyes, pink lips and heart shaped face.

" Are you ready?" asked Luna. Luna Swift was her bestie since childhood and was a very supportive friend. Scarlett lives with her bestie because they both came in same place to do thier career. Luna was studying in collage to become a lawyer and Scarlett was being offered a audition to become an actress.

" Yeah, almost" said Scarlett.

Luna sat down on the sofa near the dressing table where Scarlett was straighting her hair. Luna said seriously, " Be careful there. I heard there are some bitches to ruin your day" Scarlett looks at her and said, " Okay, ma'am. Well I am going now. See you" " See you"said Luna smilling. And Scarlett was off to her destiny.

So when she reached there, she saw a man sitting on a chair. She goes to him and asked, " Escuse me, sir. Where auditions are bring held of the film named 'Angel and Devil'." He looked at her and said, " You are Scarlett Wilson" she nods. He said, " They are waiting for you inside, go and give your audition".

When she goes inside the auditorium, her eyes fell on the judges that were sitting in front of her, looking pleased.

"Come please come" said an old man sitting in between.

" You may start your acting now as you know what the theme we gave you on that letter" said a women sitting right to old man. Scarlett nods.

" Before you start, intoduce yourself completely" said a very handsome man sitting left to old man. Scarlett can't took off her eyes from him, he was so handsome with brown hair, dark blue eyes. It looks like he was also a actor.

He smiles when Scarlett kept looking at him, not replying. Then he said," Will you start or should I let you start?"

She regained her senses and said, " My name is Scarlett Wilson, 21 years old. I am an orphan. I have always from childhood lived in orphanage but I was told that I have lost my memories and when I will regain, can know who I am. And my theme is to do a cry scene" and then she started.........

Its over in 10 mins, the judges were extremely happy with her and praised her very much but that guy stays silent. When everyone was finished he said, " I also like your performance" and smiles. That smiles reminds Scarlett of something, her head felt very dizzy and she saw a reflection in blur a boy smiling at her while giving her flower. And Scarlett fell on the ground.........................

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